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Archive for February 10th, 2006

Media Finds Religion?

Posted by Mike on February 10, 2006

Not really. It’s just that the media is shocked to learn altruistic love causes happier marriages. Of course the Catholic Church has been saying that for a lot longer than any of us have been around. It’s amazing how little one can learn about Catholicism by relying on Diane Sawyer and the DaVinci Code for your information.

Comments from our married readers and/or married member would be appreciated as I am now wading outside my areas of expertise and familiarity. In my own defense though, you taught me well Providence College.

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Laura Ingraham in Iraq

Posted by Mike on February 10, 2006

Check out Laura Ingraham’s website for some cool pics of trip to Iraq. I especially enjoyed the pictures of Ingraham with some Iraqis. I thought Iraqis hated Americans?

Ingraham’s pictures confirm what Ryan’s brother (who is currently serving in Iraq) described as the typical Iraqi reaction to American troops. The mainstream media is going to have some explaining to do when our brave troops return home. The reality on the ground does not match the propaganda on the tube.

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Follow the Money

Posted by Sal on February 10, 2006

There seems to be more and more coming out almost weekly on Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid and his ties to Jack Abramoff. Reid keeps denying it, claiming it’s a Republican “scandal”, but when even the liberal Washington Post, ABC News, CNN, and LA Times, are highlighting the issue, it doesn’t look good for the Minority Leader.

If Reid, or any other high-profile Democrats are shown to be involved in the Abramoff scandal, it will effectively neutralize the scandal as a Campaign issue in 2006. Yes, the Republicans involved are crooked and should resign and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The problem, however, isn’t with the Republican party, but rather with the general culture in Washington D.C. prominent Democratic involvement in the scandal will place the blame on Congress in general, and away from the Republicans. Since the Democrats have no other platform other than the “Culture of Corruption”, this should give the Republicans, if they push for reform this year, in a good position going into the mid-term elections.

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