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Missouri Looking Better

Posted by Mike on February 14, 2006

Senator Jim Talent (R) has recaptured the lead in Missouri according to the latest Rasmussen poll. Talent leads Democrat Claire McCaskill 46%-41%. This 5 point lead for Talent is an improvement from the previous Rasmussen poll where he trailed McCaskill by 46%-43%.

The general rule, inapplicable to Presidential elections but valid in Senate and Congressional races, is that incumbents under 50% are in trouble so Talent still has some work to do but the trend looks good. I previously had this race as a tossup slightly leaning to the Democrats. I will now handicap this race as slightly leaning Republican. This one could be very close.

CURRENT PROJECTION: Leaning Republican (hold)

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Happy Valentine’s Day Massachusetts

Posted by Mike on February 14, 2006

Whore pill update from the People’s Republic. The Massachusetts Politburo of Pharmacy has mandated that Wal-Mart stock whore pills for the masses. Thanks to Mrs. Sal for the link.

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Posted by Sal on February 14, 2006

Yet another Democrat commits an act of treason against the United States by giving “Aid and Comfort to the enemy”. As the Arab street is up in arms over cartoons, Al Gore goes over to Saudi Arabia and says that the U.S. is guilty of terrible abuses against Arabs. It’s one thing to disagree and debate while in the confines of the U.S., but when in an area of the world that is currently rising up in violence against the Western World, what Al Gore said is irresponsible at best, and treasonous at worst.

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Posted by Mike on February 14, 2006

The Axis of Right loves National Review Online’s The Corner. It was our first link and remains one of the few on our site. We’ll get cracking on fixing that but I digress. One thing I both love and despise about the Corner is their inclination to post “timewasters.” In honor of my friend from law school, the Axis of Right will refer to these diversions as “timesucks” because they do just that, suck time. The Corner linked to this timesuck this morning. The title of the post is my best time. Post yours in the comments.

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What Fodder Against Bill Nelson?

Posted by Mike on February 14, 2006

This photo must appear in Harris’ campaign advertising. Democrats can win in Florida but liberal Democrats cannot. Senator Nelson now has a six year liberal record he must explain to the people of Florida. Nelson has opposed lower taxes, a ban on partial birth abortion, parental notification and tort reform to name a few of his liberal positions. Good luck explaining those positions Senator. Let the campaign begin!

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Florida Senate Race Tightens

Posted by Mike on February 14, 2006

The latest Rasmussen poll in Florida shows a tightening race between Senator Bill Nelson (D) and Katherine Harris (R). According to the latest poll, Nelson leads Harris 49%-40%. Nelson’s 9 point lead is significantly lower then the 23 point lead he enjoyed a month ago. Also significant is the fact that the liberal incumbent is now under 50 percent.

I have handicapped this race as a likely Democrat hold for a long time but I am now upgrading the race to merely leaning Democrat. The pundits are right when they label Harris as a polarizing figure as a result of her decision to follow the law in 2000, but it must be remembered that at the time, everyone knew Bush won Florida and everyone knew Harris was simply doing her job. (By “everyone” I mean reasonable people). Harris’ actions in 2000 will help her more than it hurts her.

The albatross hanging around Harris’ neck throughout this race had nothing to with 2000. Republican woes in Florida can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the Republican party establishment who attempted to undermine her candidacy. This is no longer the case. With the GOP squarely in her corner, Harris now has the ability to make this a race. She is a strong campaigner and has lots of fodder to use against Nelson.

This race leans Democrat but look for the race to tighten into a tossup before too long.

CURRENT PROJECTION: Leaning Democrat. (hold)

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You Think That’s Dangerous?

Posted by Mike on February 14, 2006

Credit to via Expose the Left

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