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Gumbel Injects Liberal Bias Into Sports Coverage

Posted by Mike on February 16, 2006

Bryant Gumbel recently claimed that the Olympics looked like a Republican convention because of a lack of black athletes. Yes apparently Gumbel is still on the air. You can find the video on Expose the Left.

Maybe I’m missing something but should sporting events mirror the demographic composition of the population at large? If so, which population? America’s? The population of cold weather nations in general? All nations? Once we agree on a population, should the same logic apply to the NBA? Here’s a novel theory, let’s just allow the best athletes in a given sport to compete, regardless of race.

As for his disgraceful political comment, I guess Gumbel didn’t catch Mike Steele’s speech at the 2004 Republican convention. You can’t blame Gumbel though, most Democrats would like to forget Steele’s remarks. The people who routinely inject race into discussions are those who tend to support the party which supported slavery, segregation, Jim Crow and affirmative action. Conservatives simply see people for who they are, not for what color their skin happens to be.

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Oh Good God

Posted by Mike on February 16, 2006

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum has erected a wax figure of She Who Must Not Be Named. What I find most appalling about the hoopla surrounding this eyesore is the museum’s decision to place the figure in the same gallery as our Presidents. Fat chance! Attending this museum the day after she loses should be fun.

By the way dumbass in the background, that’s not really her.

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It’s Not Dick with the Heart Problem

Posted by Ryan on February 16, 2006


The MSM clenches their chest, lose their breath, a sharp pain sears their left arms.


The sheriff down in Texas is NOT going to press any charges against Dick Cheney. After interviewing Whittington himself, the sheriff saw no reason to pursue pressing charges over the ordeal. The MSM, including CNN, David Gregory, and other irrelevant members of the press are rather upset and frustrated still, possibly leading to a complication in their already bleeding hearts.

Picture: “World of Mr. Agreeable

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Sour grapes from CNN

Posted by Sal on February 16, 2006

CNN is acting like a spoiled child over the fact that Vice President Dick Cheney granted an interview to Brit Hume over at Fox News to discuss his “Hunting Incident”. After watching the interview, I felt Hume’s questions were thorough and fair. There are two reasons why Cheney would probably prefer Fox than CNN:

  • Hume will ask tough questions, but be respectful and fair. He won’t ask such stupid questions as “Are you going to tender your resignation?”
  • Fox has a higher audience share (by far) than MSNBC, CNN, and the big three.

Apparently Cheney can do nothing right. First, he’s wrong for an accident. Then, he’s wrong because he didn’t go to the press right away. Now, he’s wrong for going to Fox over CNN. Can you say sore losers?

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