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Ready to Die for This?

Posted by Ryan on February 18, 2006

The above cartoon is amongst two others that are causing massive riots and violence towards non-Muslims across the world. You can view the others through this link. Some of them are in bad taste, but hardly enough to CONTINUE to be enciting violence and destruction across the world, now spreading weeks later into Central Africa.

I’m sorry, I kind of think this is not just a bit funny, but it also makes a distinct number of political points about the lunacy of suicide bombers and the blatant misinterpretation of the Koran. You know what that means about this cartoon??? It’s effective political satire.

I fear the kulturekampf taking place in parts of the Middle East at the behest of their governments is going to bubble over even further. I have a feeling that our European friends will feel the ultimate brunt of this irrational anger toward not just cartoonists, but the culture which supports political cartoon proliferation (read: Western Civilization and a pluralistic free press).

Like Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard, I believe people should see what the deaths and injuries to dozens have resulted from. Also I agree with Annie C in that the idea that we in the West need to cow-tow to the violent protesters and irrational governments promoting this violence is ridiculous.

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Hackett Gets Hacked!

Posted by Ryan on February 18, 2006

So, on occasion high profile Dems do like soldiers… as long as they are Democrats running against weakened incumbent Republicans.

But, wait just one minute!

Apparently, Iraq vet and Democrat lackey Paul Hackett is no longer Harry Reid’s biz-nitch. Someone got a hold of some pictures that show Hackett, who WAS running against Mike DeWine in Ohio, committing “atrocities” in Iraq (which sometimes include wearing our uniform and showing up for duty in the minds of many “progressives” littering our political scene). Hackett states that the picts are of some other soldier, but nonetheless Reid and Chucky-Schmucky Schumer dropped him like common courtesy at a high profile Democrat’s funeral observance!

Hackett had to bow out against a kool-aid drinker from the House.

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