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Repost: Media Finds Religion?

Posted by Mike on February 19, 2006

This post generated much discussion but has been pushed into the archives. I’m reposting it for those who want to continue the discussion. Click here to skip the post and go directly to the comments section.

5 Responses to “Repost: Media Finds Religion?”

  1. Jewels said

    No responses??

  2. Gauvin said

    I’ll bite. I don’t think anyone would claim that leaving vomit and poop in a shower stall for the cleaning ladies to deal with is an expression of agape. That said, I think we must realize that 1) it was college and 2) the people who disrespected the cleaning ladies were in an overwhelming minority, a minority probably smaller than those found at other schools.

    PC provided a quality education while ensuring that the moral element necessary for a good education remained. We were lucky enough to read John Paul II’s encyclicals on this and many other topics. We explored moral questions while never forgetting that which makes us fully human. Catholic teaching never took a back seat but was defended as consistent with a pursuit of truth.

    College kids are sometimes college kids. On the whole, PC students are more mature than typical students. We worked hard. We played hard. We did both well. Most importantly, we were and are keenly aware of what is truly important.

    One important thing to remember: Just because the Feinstein marxists claimed PC workers were treated poorly does not mean they actually were.

  3. Jewels said

    Sorry, Gauvin, but I don’t think that “college kids are sometimes college kids” justifies destructive, inappropriate and disrespectful behavior. Many of the points you raised are probably true…The vast majority of students did not engage in this rude and gross behavior on a regular basis. I am confident that I received an excellent liberal arts education at Providence. However, I do not necessarily think that the majority of students at PC were mature…Some were. (our friends and some others) You mentioned that PC students are more mature than other college kids. What is your frame of reference? Harvard? Rhode Island College? Salve? Gauvin, please don’t take this the wrong way. I love reading your posts and especially some of the zany, creative headlines you come up with. I just feel that Christians are Christians whether in college, in elementary school or ninety.

  4. Salinger said


    I don’t think that Gauvin or anyone else is saying that destructive behavior is justified, even by College kids just being College kids. However, there is something to be said for that statement; College kids being college kids is an explanation, not an excuse. People aren’t perfect, whether you’re 19 or 90. People in College can make mistakes, have fun, but still be basically good people. I knew a lot of good people at PC who weren’t perfect, but had good hearts and were basically trying to lead somewhat Christian lives. The number of students who participated in PSO and Campus Ministry are telling in this regard, as well as the number of people who showed up for weekly Mass attendance, which is not an easy achievement when you consider that the majority of teenagers out of high school rebel against the religious faith of their parents.
    PC does have a very high rate of people who do attend Mass and participate in the religious organizations on campus, much higher than on other campuses. True, a particular person may enjoy going out and partying, maybe a bit too much (not counting those who are destructive), but then basically tried to be good people through ministry, service, and faith. True, there were definately some hypocrits, but as you said yourself, the church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. I still agree with Gauvin, though, that overall, compared to other schools, PC students were more willing to give of themselves in service and to participate in an active faith life than most other colleges around. I definately saw the difference between PC and Fordham University, which is another Catholic college, where I attended graduate school.

    I’m not excusing bad behavior, and I know Gauvin is not as well. I think PC could and should have cracked down more on people who would consistantly get sick, destroy property, and did other destructive or violent behavior. But there should not be a grouping of people who did not engage in this destructive behavior, who may have not been perfect, but who still gave it some effort.

  5. Jewels said

    Yes, I hear what you are saying. There were a lot of goodhearted people as well, and I can’t forget that. I suppose this whole post is based largely on perception and opinion. I feel that the partying at PC was excessive. I like fun and fun people, but I truly feel that the partying was excessive there. But, again, that is an opinion. I think it is great that so many students went to church and did volunteer work. However, I think more importantly than participating in volunteer work is treating the person next to you (roommate, cleaning lady, etc. etc.) with kindness. I’m enjoying the intellectual and spiritual conversation on this blog and would have welcomed even more of that type of discussion at Providence.

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