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Governor Rendell to Veto Voter ID Requirement

Posted by Mike on February 21, 2006

Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA) says he will veto legislation requiring voters to prove that they are who they say they are before they can vote. Why is it always Democrats who oppose requiring people to prove that they are who they say they are before they can vote? When it comes to voter fraud, it is not both parties who do it. I’m still waiting for that Republican opposition to requiring voter ID at the polls.

Remember this story the next time you hear a Democrat whining about fraud after losing an election.


One Response to “Governor Rendell to Veto Voter ID Requirement”

  1. Chris said

    Why does this not surprise me? When a dem/lib is scared for their political life, they just say damn the rules. Not requiring ID at the polls is downright laughable. The timing to this kind of reeks in that Lynn Swann is basically running neck in neck with Rendell and if we remember the Steelers victory parade, fans there were chanting “Governor” to Lynn Swann and NOT Ed Rendell. The Steelers’ Super Bowl Victory may be one of the unexpected forces to help defeat Ed Rendell. Another thing going for Swann is that in addition to being vocal to Pennsylvanians on how Ed Rendell has neglected his job, he actually has given well thought-out solutions , to get PA out of the mess the Democrats have caused.

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