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Stanford Tree Cut Down

Posted by Mike on February 22, 2006

Not exactly. This is picture of Stanford’s recently fired mascot passed out on the floor after getting wasted during the first half of a basketball game. Apparently, her blood-alcohol content was measured at .157.

Stanford has a tree for a mascot because it is politically incorrect to have an Indian. Fear not, a new tree will be planted in time for the PAC 10 tournament.

Photo courtesy of Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

Link via Brendan Loy. (The Irish Trojan).

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Second Amendment: A Winning Issue

Posted by Mike on February 22, 2006

Back in the late 1990s, Republicans were terrified of the gun issue, often highlighting their support for modest gun control. The tables have turned. Democrat Senate candidate Bob Casey is making it known that like Senator Santorum, he opposes gun control. While this should help Casey politically with the middle of the road types in PA, it is also encouraging.

It’s encouraging because even though our candidate is losing, our ideas are winning. The Democrats have to run a “pro-life”, pro-gun candidate to beat Santorum. We are winning the battle of ideas. This often happens a little too slowly for our tastes, but it is still happening.

NOTE: The article requires readers to input something like three pieces of info to continue on to page 2. It only takes a couple of seconds.

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To Buy or Not Dubai?

Posted by Ryan on February 22, 2006

To expand on Gauvin’s post from the other day, bipartisan anger has erupted over the Dubai, UAE port deal. I find that the immediate negative reaction to this is both good and bad:

  • We’re sensible in that we have a knee-jerk distrust of Middle Eastern nations that appeared 18 times in the 9/11 Report concerning funding and members of that attack.
  • However, in an evermore globalized world, deals like this are likely to occur more often. China owns many of the West coast companies that handle those ports. Are they more or less of a strategic danger than islamofascism? Could the UAE be trading vital info with us being from such a strategically important region?

My problem is that the UAE needs to come clean on many of the connections that they had with terrorists in the past. If they are to deal with us in a sensitive security area, this issue needs vetting and much divulsion. I would implore it before any deal. THEN, once that is transparent, passes the smell-test AND public debate, then cool.

Plus, Bush tried to appoint Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court, and as Gauvin pointed out, Jimmah Carter agrees with this deal, immediately leading me to be suspicious. Bush is not infallible, but I have, so far, trusted his instincts on national security. I would hate to think that this becomes an issue whereby the Dems have an opportunity to take this issue, split the Republicans on national security, and win a majority in November.

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Gore Certainly Isn’t Silent, and He Has No Majority

Posted by Mike on February 22, 2006

Roger Stone at the New York Observer has a pretty good take on the similarities between the pre-1968 Richard Nixon and sore loser Al Gore. Stone contends that the similarities suggest AL Gore is well positioned to run for President again and that he would be formidable in a Democrat primary against She Who Must Not Be Named.

I agree with Stone. Gore has done an excellent job of feeding red meat to the hard left. She Who Must Not Be Named would have a fight on her hands. That is where the similarities end.

Al Gore could not win a general election. To his credit, Stone stops short of saying that. In 1968, Richard Nixon tapped into the “silent majority” of Americans who were fed up with the lawlessness of the late sixties. Al Gore’s post 2000 shenanigans place him far outside the mainstream of American politics. Among other things, Gore has traveled to foreign countries to bash a wartime President, supported appeasement, shrilly accused the President of betraying his country, and articulated an extreme left wing environmental agenda. Gore is well positioned to run a strong primary fight but he would be toast in the general election if he ever got that far again.

It would be fun to watch though.

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America’s newest Cardinal

Posted by Sal on February 22, 2006

Congratulations to Boston’s Archbishop Sean O’Malley, who has been elevated to the rank of Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI. Cardinal O’Malley has had a very difficult time leading the Archdiocese of Boston following the horrible and tragic priest abuse scandal there, and coming on the heels of the resignation of Cardinal Law. The simplicity in the way he lives his personal life, and his dedication to the Church, are inspiring and deserving of the honor with which he has been bestowed.

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