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Gore Certainly Isn’t Silent, and He Has No Majority

Posted by Mike on February 22, 2006

Roger Stone at the New York Observer has a pretty good take on the similarities between the pre-1968 Richard Nixon and sore loser Al Gore. Stone contends that the similarities suggest AL Gore is well positioned to run for President again and that he would be formidable in a Democrat primary against She Who Must Not Be Named.

I agree with Stone. Gore has done an excellent job of feeding red meat to the hard left. She Who Must Not Be Named would have a fight on her hands. That is where the similarities end.

Al Gore could not win a general election. To his credit, Stone stops short of saying that. In 1968, Richard Nixon tapped into the “silent majority” of Americans who were fed up with the lawlessness of the late sixties. Al Gore’s post 2000 shenanigans place him far outside the mainstream of American politics. Among other things, Gore has traveled to foreign countries to bash a wartime President, supported appeasement, shrilly accused the President of betraying his country, and articulated an extreme left wing environmental agenda. Gore is well positioned to run a strong primary fight but he would be toast in the general election if he ever got that far again.

It would be fun to watch though.

One Response to “Gore Certainly Isn’t Silent, and He Has No Majority”

  1. Ryan said

    You’re absolutely right. Gore is going to help split the Democrats as we have not seen in our lifetimes. If the Dems do well in the Midterms this year, this will only energize their extremist base.

    Trying to attack the Republicans from the right on the port deal may give them gains in the short term, but they’ll overdo it. I have faith. Gore will fail where Nixon succeeded because, unlike the interpretation of Mr. Stone, Gore did NOT go quietly and respectfully. The American people will remember.

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