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To Buy or Not Dubai?

Posted by Ryan on February 22, 2006

To expand on Gauvin’s post from the other day, bipartisan anger has erupted over the Dubai, UAE port deal. I find that the immediate negative reaction to this is both good and bad:

  • We’re sensible in that we have a knee-jerk distrust of Middle Eastern nations that appeared 18 times in the 9/11 Report concerning funding and members of that attack.
  • However, in an evermore globalized world, deals like this are likely to occur more often. China owns many of the West coast companies that handle those ports. Are they more or less of a strategic danger than islamofascism? Could the UAE be trading vital info with us being from such a strategically important region?

My problem is that the UAE needs to come clean on many of the connections that they had with terrorists in the past. If they are to deal with us in a sensitive security area, this issue needs vetting and much divulsion. I would implore it before any deal. THEN, once that is transparent, passes the smell-test AND public debate, then cool.

Plus, Bush tried to appoint Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court, and as Gauvin pointed out, Jimmah Carter agrees with this deal, immediately leading me to be suspicious. Bush is not infallible, but I have, so far, trusted his instincts on national security. I would hate to think that this becomes an issue whereby the Dems have an opportunity to take this issue, split the Republicans on national security, and win a majority in November.

One Response to “To Buy or Not Dubai?”

  1. Chris said

    On this whole Dubai Port thing, I’m still giving this whole thing a look. When I first heard this, I had major trepidations about it, questioning the deal, knowing that UAE hasn’t been the big supporter of the War on Terror, as stated by the Bush Administration. First impressions, the deal makes sense economically, but not politically.

    The first couple of days hearing Republicans speak out about this, I was thinking, “go Conservatives…take your party back!”…the same way they did after Harriet Miers was nominated for the Supreme Court and DON’T LET THE LIBS GET ONE UP ON YOU ON NATIONAL SECURITY IN AN ELECTION YEAR.

    As Gauvin had stated when Senior Moonbat, Jimmah, SUPPORTED Bush, I began to re-examine this issue. Anything with which he agrees, I disagree. Next, I am reminded by a close friend who is a customs agent at a major port that ICE is and always will oversee security at the ports. Also, it’s an election year and many on both sides are speaking out about this issue for political expediency. Listening to the highlights from Rush today, I am starting to see what is lighting the spark under the kneejerk Dems…not National Security, fact is they don’t give a damn about it, but instead, the Longshoremen’s Union…the same Union that has been investigated and indicted for racketeering .

    As Ryan said, the kneejerk reaction is not totally uncalled for, but looking deeper into the issue, you can better see reasons behind the reactions.

    Here’s something to think about: How do you think UBL will react to the UAE, an Islamic state, doing business with the US?

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