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Conflicted on UAE

Posted by Sal on February 23, 2006

I’ve followed with interest the debate over the Dubai company purchasing ownership of the company that currently manages American ports. I have to admit, I’ve found myself to be rather conflicted on the whole issue. The national security component is still being handled by the Coast Guard, and the pro-free trade side of me is wondering what the implications are if this deal goes south?

Obviously National Security trumps almost any other interest, and if national security were to be compromised in this deal, I’d be dead-set against it. The trouble I’m having is that I’m not sure that I’m convinced that national security would be compromised. This same company also has performed repair work on our military ships, and owns ports around the world where our other ships and most of the cargo comes from.

I’m not saying that I am for this deal, and I’m probably leaning against this deal just on the premise that one can’t be too careful when dealing with our security. But I do have questions, and I am far from certain.

On another angle, it is hilarious (and somewhat disturbing) to see the Democrats pouncing on this issue, when they have repeatedly obstructed attempts by the President to strengthen our security. I also find it disingenous of congress to attack the administration for executing the laws for foreign business transactions that they themselves set up.

Overall, this is a very multi-facited issue with many dimensions. I think it will take a while before it is all sorted out and we get the full picture. In the mean time, I’ll be watching with a careful eye, and attempting to evaluate the facts rather than the spin from the media and from the Democrats.

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