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Livingstone Opens His Mouth Yet Again

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2006

I support free speech. Any suspension or removal from office should be done through the political process. BUT, Powerline’s title says it. This is merely the latest idiotic comment from London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

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Rocky Point Flashback

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2006

Rocky Point has faded into our memories since closing in 1996. Thankfully, those memories are being preserved thanks to the internets. Turn down the volume if you’re at work when checking out Joe Nisil’s Rocky Point site for some pretty cool pics of Rocky Point in its heyday as well as in 2001. This link has also has some pics and other interesting tidbits about the park. The pics are sad to see but the trip down Memory Lane will be worth it.

Photo courtesy of

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Neglecting Old Glory

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2006

Today’s edition of New York’s best newspaper has a special piece on the worn out American flags scattered throughout New York city. Unfortunately this shame is not limited to the city.

As an anecdote, there is a house in my family’s neighborhood in Rhode Island which displays a tattered American flag. Of course the flag is also displayed upside down and the bumpers on the cars in their driveway are covered in leftist propaganda, which suggests to me that the flag display was probably done intentionally.

I’m sure most instances of worn out and damaged flags are the result of unintentional neglect rather than intentional desecration. Whether intentional or not, greater care should be taken. Many soldiers have fought and died for what that flag represents. Those who would desecrate that symbol are just sick. Those who are merely careless should probably pay more attention.

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No Fun Down Under for Clinton

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2006

Australia’s Medway Golf Club recently refused entry to former President Clinton. The club stated that they could not deprive their paying customers of a round, even for an ex-President. I especially appreciated the reaction of club members to the news:

“We would have played with him — golf, that is.”
-Lorraine Bramley, club member

“”We can’t deprive the paying members of their golf, even for an ex-president. . . But it would have been a buzz for the ladies. There’s no Monica Lewinsky here — we’re better.”
-Wendy Allen, club member

It looks like you have your legacy Mr. President!

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