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The Base of “the Base” Gets Hit

Posted by Ryan on February 25, 2006

The Saudi’s are getting blown up again. Al Qaeda is going back to its roots of blowing things up with multiple attacks on symbolic targets, this time oil. We just got gas below $2 on Route 18 down in Jersey, too!

Here’s my advice to the Saudi Royal Ruling Family:

  • If you don’t want terrorism, stop training little terrorists in your madras schools.
  • Stop funding international jihad schools in susceptible third world Muslim nations, which graduate Salafi jihadists all the time (I wonder if with their diploma comes with a suicide belt, some plastique, and directions to a public square in Israel…hmm), some of whom tried to blow up your oil centers the other day.
  • Realize and embrace the notion that there is, in fact, a War on Terror going on and that contributing to the bad guys is actually not doing you any favors.
  • Also, here in the West, we understand your plight, but don’t want to hear your complaining until you start really doing something about the problem!

One Response to “The Base of “the Base” Gets Hit”

  1. Chris said

    The pages of “The Assassins” are coming alive (but not on the level North describes in his book…yet) with the recent news out of Saudi Arabia ! Slightly disturbing. I agree with you, Ryan, in that the Saudis MUST do something about what goes on within their borders regarding the madrasses and their funding of terror groups/organizations. These groups that they are finincially (and legally within their borders) supporting will eventually be their downfall…the operations of these groups are neither in the interests of the US or SA. If SA allows the Mutaween to harass/arrest non-Islamic people, as well as harass/arrest Islamic peoples not following Sharia, they sure as heck have the power to stop this…again, the Saudi royals had better start thinking about the future or else the pages of “The Assassins” WILL come true, and a scary day that will be.

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