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Storm Clouds?

Posted by Ryan on March 3, 2006

Scott Rasmussen wrote a corollary to his report GOP Generation (WARNING pdf file) that came out after the 2002 Midterm Election. His idea was basically that since Republicans have a substantial edge on the National Security issue, they will continue to keep the Democrats in the minority, and if they stayed the course they would solidify their majority for at least a generation.

Yet, he believes recent events, including the Dubai Ports issue, have chipped away at that perception. Though he admits that there is still 9 months to Election Day, he sees major problems for the Republicans if they cannot shore up this issue and their ranks. He believes that Bush has been steadily hurt on Iraq, which finds at least four of the Red State Senatorial Democrats remaining relatively safe by his polling data.

Quite honestly, I’ve felt a little concerned about the House this year. A shrill Speaker Pelosi is a scary thought. I enjoy her yapping and politically alienating speeches, but only because she has no real power– so it’s cute and San Francisco folksy. However, as Speaker of a Democratic majority… that thought is frightening. Impeachment articles would surely be passed and the country will have to cope with a politically hostile Democratic Congress during a time of war.


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Look What We Found!

Posted by Ryan on March 3, 2006

Today, I went to a workshop that focused on Abraham Lincoln and the wartime powers of the President. We discussed constitutional issues, precedents versus “mistakes,” and contemporary implications. Well, the professor who presented did so taking a swipe at the media, those who are quickly ready to impeach Bush, and on the liberal nature of college campuses. That was too much for one frustrated fogey who was upset to the point where he went into an awkward tirade about the evils of GWB and the Iraq War.

“Unhinged” is the word of the week, apparently.

Anyway, this article, which has nothing to do with my workshop, simply states that in Colorado and other Western areas a boom in energy production has affected the property of some locals. Yes, a BOOM in energy production. Yes, with Kilo hanging over our heads, let’s just take everything! And yes, the nation moves on, despite the apocalyptic predictions of a post-Katrina energy crisis, and despite the Libs best attempts to talk down the economy. Once on line, this natural gas should help out some supply issues. Once Iraq stabilizes, we’ll get oil from them in large amounts while helping them integrate into the global economy too, even if a few old fogeys continue to rant old arguments.

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Put Out The Cigarette Ban

Posted by Mike on March 3, 2006

There has been ongoing debate across America recently regarding smoking in public places. Some states have banned smoking in public areas such as bars and restaurants. I happen to oppose these laws although, as a non-smoker, I relish the comfort which results from these bans. New South Wales Australia appears to be on the verge of extending this concept by proposing a ban on smoking in cars. Let’s hope that idea never makes it to America.

Limited government is a bedrock principle of conservatism. People should generally be free to make their own decisions and deal with both the positive and negative consequences of those decisions without the government acting as a parent. For example, if you’re concerned about a smoky bar, don’t go there. That said, at least a strong argument exists for banning smoking in public places where many people are exposed to unwanted smoke. Extending these bans to private automobiles seems to be taking it a bit too far.

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Democrats and Catholic Principles

Posted by Mike on March 3, 2006

Kellyanne Conway has an interesting observation on the Democrats’ recently released “Catholic Statement of Principles.” Apparently, 60 percent of House Democrats signing their list of Catholic principles oppose a ban on partial birth abortion.

Sounds like the same people who never read the Constitution also forgot to read the Catechism. At least that pro-Catholic group known as Emily’s List seems to be impressed with their performances. Oh. Right.

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Protect Our Borders Please

Posted by Mike on March 3, 2006

The number of attacks against U.S Border Patrol agents is steadily increasing in recent years. This time, our agent opened fire on his attackers. However, it should never have come to this.

One of President Bush’s biggest failures has been his unwillingness to control our borders. This is disheartening because this attitude encourages illegal immigrants to break our laws, drains public resources and sends a message to our enemies that a porous border is waiting to be exploited. Now we learn that our agents are coming under attack more frequently. Hopefully our next President (and it won’t be She Who Must not Be Named) will take illegal immigration more seriously.

In my opinion, President Bush ranks among our near great Presidents. I just cannot support him on his immigration policies. And I certainly won’t ignore a disagreement simply because the leader happens to be a Republican.

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