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Lt. Governor Fogarty Makes the Case for Electing More Republicans

Posted by Mike on March 8, 2006

Rhode Island Lt. Gov. Charles Fogarty (D), the presumptive Democrat nominee for Governor, has made the case for electing more Republicans to the legislature and he doesn’t even realize it. Citing Governor Carcieri’s promise to run the government like a business, Fogarty whined that state government in RI is starting to look like Enron.

What Fogarty doesn’t seem to remember is that Governor Carcieri never gets his way on budget issues because Democrats like to override the his vetoes. Republicans simply lack the votes necessary to enact their agenda or block the Democrats’ agenda in Rhode Island. Rhode Island budgets are the product of the Democrat legislature, not the Republican Governor who fought those proposals every step of the way.

Applying Fogarty’s logic, more Republicans need to be elected in order to sustain Governor Carcieri’s vetoes of the budgets which have made the state government look like Enron. Budgets passed by Democrats and Democrats alone.

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Why the UN is irrelevant

Posted by Sal on March 8, 2006

Earlier today, Gauvin posted with a reference to Vice President Cheney giving Iran a warning. Well, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan rebuked the U.S. Government, and called on the U.S. to “Cool its rhetoric“. This is patently absurd. Iran is a terrorist state that has threatened Israel, ignored the UN, and poses a danger to the entire civilized world by continuing its nuclear program. And liberals wonder why conservatives feel the U.N. has become irrelevant.

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Singin’ the Blues

Posted by Ryan on March 8, 2006

Singin’ the blues on spending tax revenue. President Bush wants $4.2 billion in aid for Louisiana alone, while Congress wants to allocate that same amount for the whole Gulf Region. Yet, Bush states that he believes that the local “folks” have plans for our money in the Naw’lins region.

My problem with this is best summed up by the following question: What ever happened to the “Ownership Society?” All of Bushes attractive, market-based plans for America in a number of early 2nd term speeches have gone the way of a spend-spend-spend Republican Congress too attached to the conventional spending paradigm and overbloated pork programs. I fear that’s what the rebuilding of the Gulf Region has become.

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Illegal Immigrants in Boston

Posted by Sal on March 8, 2006

INS officials recently arrested and deported 30 illegal aliens in Boston. The people arrested have been asked to leave the country repeatedly and some have criminal backgrounds. Activists for illegal aliens say that this has nothing to do with the war on terror and serves little purpose:

There’s some validity that they’re out of status and they have not obeyed orders. But the overarching issue . . . is I’m not sure that Greater Boston is any safer after the people were picked up yesterday. I think I would rather see those dollars spent on finding terrorists and making sure our country is safer.

While I agree that these people were probably not as dangerous as terrorists, it does not make it right to have and Open Border policy that rewards those who break the law. The U.S. has every right to control its borders, and every right to punish those who violate our laws.

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Words Must Have Meaning

Posted by Mike on March 8, 2006

Vice President Cheney has stated that the U.S will keep all options on the table. Iran is threatening the U.S. with “harm and pain.” Israel is promising action against Iran if the U.N. fails to act. The words of all three nations are to be taken seriously because all three have shown they are willing to back up their words.

The same cannot be said of continental Europe. Leon De Winter’s piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal slammed Europe for using empty language in its diplomacy and for its failure to value anything. European nations have thus far failed to make it clear to Iran that military action is on the table. During the period prior to the Iraq war, continental western Europe showed an overt hostility to using military force.

Even when paying lip service to the values of freedom and security, continental Europe has shown its aversion to military conflict and Iran has taken notice. De Winter believes America and Israel will have to shoulder the burdens of protecting the civilized world against Iran. I hope he is wrong but I think he is right. Diplomacy is destined to be unproductive when your words have no meaning. Merci France. Danke Deutschland.

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