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Port Deal collapses; Harry Reid loses mind

Posted by Sal on March 9, 2006

Today the Dubai Ports deal collapsed, with the management of Dubai Ports World announcing that they would divest the portion of the British Company that currently manages the ports. Democratic Leader Harry Reid immediately called for an up-or-down vote to block the ports from being managed by Dubai Ports World after Dubai Ports world announced the deal was dead.

Look, Democrats, we know that this deal was like manna from heaven, but it’s over. The deal is dead, the free market doesn’t prevail, and things can get back to normal.

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Waste of Taxpayer $$$

Posted by Sal on March 9, 2006

The State of Texas now has a program where cops will pull over good drivers to give them minor league baseball tickets. There are many problems with this, some of which include:

  1. It is a complete waste of time
  2. It is a complete waste of taxpayer money
  3. Are there not enough criminals for the police to track down that they have to inconvenience good law-obiding drivers?

Think about it. If you’re late somewhere, or have a commitment, do you really want to be stopped for obeying the law?

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Iraq Solved 13 Problems Today

Posted by Ryan on March 9, 2006

Iraq has enough problems to deal with: from their experiment with democracy to getting the power grids on all day to foreign fighters, Saddam loyalists and Democrats trying to foil them at every turn.

Now Iraq has turned up the heat, by executing 13 people involved with shinanigans to usurp the authori-ty of the democratically elected government. One of whom apparently worked with Syrian foreign fighters in Mosul to blow things up and create general mayhem. I think that it’s a good move by the Iraqi government to show some willingness to hang people for being treasonous. I also think Syria better watch itself– they’re on thin ice as it is.

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Police State? Keep Talking

Posted by Mike on March 9, 2006

She Who Must Not Be Named is now accusing Republicans who support enforcement of immigration laws of trying to establish a “police state.” That is absurd. Enforcing immigration laws does not require police officers to knock on every door demanding identification. All that is required to enforce immigration laws is to patrol the borders and deport illegal immigrants when they are encountered. Of course, She Who Must Not Be Named views every illegal alien who enters the country as an illegal vote for her Presidential campaign. (Let’s require ID at the polls).

In addition to be flat out wrong, She Who Must Not Be Named is once again showing her political ineptitude by slandering the majority of Americans who want to enforce laws against illegal immigration. I hope she continues to pursue this strategy.

While we’re on the topic of a police state, I’d like to point out that using your bar bouncer friend to round up the FBI files of your political opponents is something far more likely to be found in a police state. She Who Must Not Be Named has a past you see. Unlike during the 1990s, today we have an alternative media which is ready to expose this woman’s hysterical rantings and hypocrisy.

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Vagina Monologues

Posted by Mike on March 9, 2006

The Vagina Monologues debate is old news to the members of the Providence College and Notre Dame families. By and large, I am happy with the responses of both newly installed Presidents on this topic. I discussed the reactions of Notre Dame and Providence College to the play with one of our readers a couple of weeks ago. Today, I finally get around to posting the statement of Providence College President Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., Ph.D., outlining his reasons for banning on campus performances of the play. Way to go Father Shanley!

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