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Massachusetts Liberals to Orphans: “Screw You”

Posted by Mike on March 10, 2006

Catholic Charities in the Boston Archdiocese has stopped providing adoption services because of a state law requiring adoption providers to place some children with gay and lesbian couples. The Catholic Church cannot place children with homosexual couples because the Church believes it is immoral to do so. Fortunately, Governor Mitt Romney plans to introduce legislation which would exempt religious organizations from the law, calling it “…a mistake for our laws to put the rights of adults over the needs of children.”

Once again, Massachusetts liberals are stopping at nothing to force their radical agenda down people’s throats. You’d think they’d at least have the decency to leave the orphans alone.

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Harry Potter Timesuck

Posted by Mike on March 10, 2006

Harry Potter fans should check out JK Rowling’s official website. It’s a pretty good timesuck.

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Would she lose NY?

Posted by Sal on March 10, 2006

She-who-must-not-be-named apparently would not win the State of NY in a Presidential race. Although NYers apparently for some reason unbeknownst to me, support her for another Senate term by a substantial margin (57% in favor), she would only get the vote of about 33% of NYers for President. I know it’s early and there are no opponents as of yet, but if she can’t carry NY, she has no shot at the White House.

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Speaking English is Insensitive

Posted by Sal on March 10, 2006

Apparently, speaking the English Language and being proud of that is insensitive and amounts to harassment. Laura Ingraham has a bullet in her “Read it or Weep” section at her website. Mike Gray, a government county employee in Denver, CO, has a side business of doing lawn work. A sign on his truck reads, after his company name and information, “English-Speaking American”. His day-job supervisor told him the sign had to come off his truck that he parked in the employee lot because it was offensive to Hispanic employees. Since when did being proud to speak the official language of this country become offensive?

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