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O’Connor Fears a Dictatorship

Posted by Mike on March 13, 2006

In a speech designed to attack pro-lifers, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor warned that criticizing the judiciary could signal the beginning of a dictatorship. It warms my heart to hear O’Connor’s concerns about democratic decisions yielding to the fiats of the few. Her sense of reality is unmatched.

Thank God this woman is off the bench. Maybe she can redeem herself by convincing Justice Stevens how wonderful retirement can be.

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Posted by Ryan on March 13, 2006

Check this story out. A woman in Norway ended up getting beer to run out of her faucet. No, it was not a tap, nor was it on purpose. It was just providence acting on the absent tap’s behalf!

Pict from Netorpheus.

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Weak on National Security? Damn Right You Are

Posted by Mike on March 13, 2006

I was pleased to learn that my initial reaction to Russ Feingold’s censure resolution against President Bush for using his war powers to fight Al Qaeda doesn’t differ too much from the Great One’s. Politicizing a war against international terrorism where our national survival may be at stake is sick. Democrats deserve to pay the political price, Whig Style.

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