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Is This All They Got?

Posted by Ryan on March 18, 2006

Apparently, thousands of people around the world are protesting, or getting ready to protest our military involvement in Iraq. A military involvement that:

  1. ended the Oil for Food debacle: the corrupt bargain that Saddam had with, amongst others, our European “allies” France, Germany and Russia, Kofi’s son, and a few bad US and international companies.
  2. gave teeth to UN Security Council Resolutions.
  3. ended the state sanctioned mass killings, rape rooms, and torture chambers against the Shiites, Kurds, and political dissidents.
  4. ended any hope of Saddam to reconstitute his WMD programs… whether he had them or not, HE DOESN’T NOW AND WON’T LATER!!! Ha!
  5. instilled hope for some form of self-government for tens of millions of formerly oppressed people.
  6. allowed a political system to be put in place where a woman can exercise her will through voting, while potentially bringing moderation to the political process.
  7. showed a region of the world, which we saw every night on the news getting torn apart by political and religious violence, that it’s no longer in America’s interest to sit idlely by while oppressive dictators perpetuate that violence and threaten the semblance of stability in the world’s most oil rich, yet religiously radical areas.

Oh, yeah–I forgot, “Bush Lied, Kids Died.” That trumps all, I suppose. Where’s my fat man and his camera? I guess that’s much of what it takes to be an anti-war movement. That, and some college kids and PAC members who might complain less if they got real jobs.

But, I digress.

During the height of the Vietnam War, protests ranging from 250,000 to 500,000 took place in Washington, DC for years. While those numbers may be a little fuzzy (as was many things to the average hippie back then), they do illustrate a few points: This is not 1969, nor is it Vietnam, nor is there a massive popular uprising against the concept of the war in Iraq. If this is indeed all they have after THREE YEARS, then I’m not worried about their chances for success in the long-term.

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