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Drip, Drip, Drip

Posted by Mike on March 20, 2006

No connections?

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It’s the Economy, Stupid

Posted by Sal on March 20, 2006

The U.S. economy is close to full employment. The job market for graduates is the best it has been in 5 years, and salaries are on the rise. The market is at an overall 5-year high, oil prices are falling, and GDP growth is expected to continue at a record clip. All indicators point to a booming economy. This is a solid win for the Bush administration, one that they need to talk about more and put the message out on the success of the tax cuts of the last several years. These tax cuts need to be given the credit they are due, and be made permanent so that the economy can continue to grow.

President Clinton got a lot of credit for a booming economy in the late 1990s. Whether that was deserved or not is a matter for another discussion, but regardless of that, he got credit for it. Bush, on the other hand, is getting virtually no credit for the booming economy that we find ourselves in. In fact, most people don’t think the economy is doing that well, because the Mainstream media is saying otherwise. The U.S. Economy is in great shape, and it’s time everyone knew that fact.

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