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Helen Thomas

Posted by Sal on March 21, 2006

President Bush took on Helen Thomas in a press briefing this afternoon, when she asked some rather in-your-face questions about Iraq, taking up talking points from the liberal blogosphere as fact. Bush was brilliant in his defense, making Helen look like a fool.

Time to retire, Helen.

Thanks to Drudge for the transcript.

One Response to “Helen Thomas”

  1. Chris said

    The President (quoting The Rock) “layethed the smacketh down” today and made Helen Thomas look like the fool she is. Her true colors as a liberal hack have come out since she left UPI and began working for Hearst, in the same fashion of Walter Cronkite after leaving CBS, and especially in his speech at my alma-mater .

    I am sure that Helen Thomas will never retire and we’ll have to hear her whine for a few years more.

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