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Harry Reid on a Military Base = Dukakis in a Tank

Posted by Mike on March 22, 2006

Part of the Democrats campaign strategy for 2006 will involve Democrat candidates attacking President Bush from military bases. Senator George Allen called this tactic “deplorable.” How right he is.

It’s also ironic. If the Democrats had their way, there would be no military bases to stand on. (paraphrasing Ronald Reagan). Throughout the 1980s they led the charge for reduced military spending, nuclear freezes, a soft approach on Communism and appeasement around the world. They opposed most of the Reagan proposals to strengthen our military during the 1980s, a Reagan strategy which helped win the Cold War. During the 1990s, the military was the one area in which Democrats were concerned about fiscal restraint prior to the election of the first Republican Congress in forty years was elected.

Today’s Democrats are no better. Many liberals often justify their opposition to overthrowing Saddam Hussein by stating the fact that he was not responsible for September 11. This is a tunnel-visioned view of the war on terror which led to the crisis we are in today. Limiting reprisals to those directly responsible for a particular attack leaves in place an infrastructure of terror networks which would otherwise be poised to attack. Recognizing this reality after September 11, President Bush promised action not only against the terrorist networks themselves but also against nations who sponsored or harbored them. Recently translated documents show that President Bush was right that Saddam Hussein harbored and assisted Al Qaeda operatives. The big three networks aren’t the only game in town anymore. These documents can’t be ignored forever.

Democrats would rather fight the war on terror with legal briefs than with the military. The party that has time and time again opposed building the military, the confrontation of the USSR, the CIA, the liberation of Iraq and in some cases even the funding for the troops fighting that war have no credibility on matters of national security. Now they have the nerve to surround themselves with the institution they deplore. If Democrats want to make fools out of themselves by being seen on military bases so close to an election, so be it. I just hope they bring She Who Must Not Be Named with them.

One Response to “Harry Reid on a Military Base = Dukakis in a Tank”

  1. Chris said

    I remember that picture like it was yesterday. Going back to the Vietnam days, liberals have despised the military and all who work to protect our national security. They have tried to abolish the CIA , they have misused the power of the military as in the case of Carter , they have compared military tactics to those of Pol Pot and the Soviets , have voted against major military initiatives and have also accused the military of acting in a terroristic manner, “going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night,” yada, yada . For them to have the temerity to campaign on military bases, claiming they have the advantage on national security is a disgrace. Again, they abhor the military and Americans should be wise to their history.

    If the Dems want to go this route, I welcome them. Republicans would be wise to expose them as the hypocritical fools they are. When the Republicans fight back, the Dems will lose.

    In the spirit of the Dukakis pic, here are two hilarious pics here and here of the most recent Democrat candidate for president looking as out of place as HRC at a DAR convention.

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