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Ingraham, O’Reilly, Bush, and the Mainstream Media

Posted by Sal on March 22, 2006

The mainstream media is on the defensive. Their constant defeatism and focusing only on the negative aspects of Iraq is being exposed. It all began yesterday morning, with Laura Ingraham on NBC’s Today Show with David Gregory and James Carville, attacking what she saw as a bias in reporting on the war in Iraq:

The Today Show spends all this money to send people to the Olympics, which is great, it was great programming. All this money for “Where in the world is Matt Lauer?” Bring the Today Show to Iraq. Bring the Today Show to Talafar. Do the show from the 4th ID at Camp Victory. And then, when you talk to those soldiers on the ground, when you go out with the Iraqi military, when you talk to the villagers, when you see the children, then I want NBC to report on only the IEDs, only the killings, only the reprisals. When people are on the ground, whether it’s recently David Ignatius for the Washington Post, whether it’s recently–

The same day, President Bush in his press conference pointed out how the Terrorists in Iraq are using the media for their own objectives:

Thirdly, in spite of the bad news on television — and there is bad news; you brought it up. You said, How do I react to a bombing that took place yesterday? It’s precisely what the enemy understands is possible to do. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t talk about it. I’m certainly not being — please don’t take that as criticism. But it also is a realistic assessment of the enemy’s capability to affect the debate, and they know that. They’re capable of blowing up innocent life so it ends up on your TV show.

Finally, on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly interviewed Laura Ingraham, and they both characterized the mainstream media’s role in ignoring the Iraq war:

Laura: I think that the coverage of the war by NBC that I have really focused on, specially since I was in Iraq last month, to me it seems bizarrely focused only on the I.E.D.’s, only on the latest reprisal killings that are taking place. When stories that are so fascinating and interesting and broader and human interest, stuff the “Today” show and NBC likes to do, those stories are out there for anyone to get. I don’t get it.

Bill: Here’s my problem. And this is a serious problem. We saw it at the top of the show with what’s her name who was bantering with Bush, the older woman, Helen Thomas. I believe that there is a segment of the media trying to undermine the policy in Iraq for their own ideological purposes. It is no longer dissent, it’s no longer skepticism. It’s, ‘we want to undermine it’, and that disturbs me. Do you see that?

Laura: I see that pretty much every day, that there is a group of people who are invested in America’s defeat, in one of the most important conflicts in our nation’s history. And being invested in defeat as an American — I don’t care if you’re a reporter, a commentator orbusinesspersonson. How have we gotten to this point in this country? Regardless of what people think of Bush.

Bill: Because of hatred. Ideological hatred brings us to that point. Last question: Is NBC in that category? Do you think NBC news is actively trying to undermine the war in Iraq?

Laura: You know, I’m going to keep watching it. You know, I know there are brave people. David Bloom was over there covering the war when he died practically.

Bill: So you don’t know whether they are or not?

Laura: I don’t know. I think the media obviously has an element underneath it that really despises Bush and it’s blinding them.

Bill: Alright. I think you’re absolutely right on that. I think there is an element in the media that has gone way beyond dissent and into actually undermining American policy in the war on terror, and it’s frightening.

Now, NBC is on the defensive, claiming that the war is actually worse than has been reported. The story continues…

One Response to “Ingraham, O’Reilly, Bush, and the Mainstream Media”

  1. Ryan said

    We know what Laura REALLY thinks about NBC. O’Reilly likes to get his guests to take solid positions on the air to harrangue them or congratulate them. I think Laura’s comments speak for themselves– NBC is at best dishonest, at worst rooting against America.

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