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Update: More on Laura Ingraham and the Mainstream Media

Posted by Sal on March 23, 2006

Yesterday I wrote about the media-firestorm set off by Laura Ingraham’s appearance on the Today Show, in which she accused the MSM of something we all know, that they do not present the whole picture of what is going on in Iraq. Her statements have had such an impact that they have been the subject of countless news commentary. Keith Olberman even called Laura’s actions “McCarthyism” and “unforgivable”.

It seems to have had an effect, however. NBC’s Today Show lead this morning’s broadcast with a story about the good news of three peace activist hostages being rescued by a U.S. Military Operation.

As much as they try to deny it, did Laura Ingraham’s words have an effect over at NBC News?

3 Responses to “Update: More on Laura Ingraham and the Mainstream Media”

  1. Gauvin said

    Who’s Keith Olberman?

  2. Ryan said

    I think he was that guy who did that thing, but I can’t be sure.

  3. Chris said

    This Drudge headline says it all…not one bit surprised. Always good when the liberal media gets exposed for what they really are three times in one week .

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