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“Cold” Habits Die Hard

Posted by Ryan on March 24, 2006

Apparently, the Russians were privy to certain aspects of America’s plans during the first phase of Operation Iraq Freedom and probably shared them with Saddam before the assault on Baghdad.

I thought the Cold War was over? I thought Russia was an ally and Bush looked into the “soul” of Putin? Granted, the events in question took place before Beslan, but decidedly after the October 2002 Moscow Theater Attack, when Russia should have understood the nature of today’s enemy and those that harbor them, when Russia was aiding our attempts to get Saddam out of Dodge, when Chechen terrorist violence was peaking.

Yet, typically, even Russian sponsored intelligence could to little to help Saddam beat us, or even turn the seizure of Baghdad an essential cake-walk. Old Cold War foe, Russia, still showing signs of their inadequacy.

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