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Madeleine HalfBright Explains How the World Works

Posted by Mike on March 24, 2006

Former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is accusing President Bush of oversimplifying today’s geopolitical situation. Claiming the notion of “good vs. evil” is not a strategy, Albright reveals that like so many on the left, she simply doesn’t get it. The successes of President Bush’s foreign policy are well known. His leadership has led to the downfall of two regimes which cooperated with and harbored terrorists who were intent upon striking America. We are safer as a result. What is Albright’s record?

This is the woman who was in charge of the State Department when the Clinton administration voluntarily provided nuclear material to North Korea, material which North Korea used to build nuclear weapons and become a threat to the world. Why on earth would Albright participate in giving nuclear material to a rogue Communist regime? Because the Communist regime signed an agreement promising not to use the material for weapons of course. You see, diplomats love pieces of paper with signatures on them. In their view, that’s how the world should work. The fact that the regime was a Communist one never seemed to give Albright pause when she was toasting the dictator. What should we expect from a woman who doesn’t see the notion of good vs. evil as valid? Pathetic.

Let’s not forget about the Jaime Gorelick wall. During the Clinton administration, the CIA and FBI were prevented from sharing intelligence with each other. Shared intelligence is certainly something which could help prevent terrorist attacks. The logic behind a ban on shared intelligence? Who knows?

If President Bush desires to build upon his foreign policy successes, he would be wise to do the exact opposite of what people like Madeleine Halfbright recommend. Their record is one of laden with failure and no amount of false accusations and naivete can change their legacy of making the world a more dangerous place while their President was distracted by other matters. The left will continue in its attempt to project their own failures on President Bush. However, these attempts will fail. NBC, ABC and seeBS no longer have a monopoly. A new media exists now. Their days of rewriting history are over.

One Response to “Madeleine HalfBright Explains How the World Works”

  1. Ryan said

    You know what really grinds my geahs… Madaline HalfBright.

    Halfbright was absolutely positively no clue about how the world works. She was our Secretary of State during the time period when al Qaeda was planning their attacks, when North Korea was proliferating its nukes, when the “Oral” Office incidents made more news than barracks bombings in Saudi Arabia.

    And what does she do now? In a time of war she’s going to criticize (with a straight face) this President’s policies when her old boss did arguably less on terrorism than Jimmah, who himself got us stuck in this Islamist era. Gauvin says it all here.

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