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“Illegal” Means Illegal

Posted by Ryan on March 25, 2006

This is what a protest should look like. 100,000 people marching steadfastly for a cause they strongly believe in. They didn’t even have to sell their soul to International ANSWER (no, I’m not linking to them!) or NARAL (not going there either!). They actually look somewhat kempt as well. A decent group, even if I heartily disagree with them.

That cause for which they believe so strongly is fundamentally flawed and imminently dangerous. They want the US government to go easy on those whose first act on American soil was to break our laws. Some of the quotes in this article are disturbing in that the mindset seems 180 degrees away from a sensible law and order approach that helps to ensure our safety across those very porous borders to our south. They feel entitled to be in America and some of our politicians encourage and have encouraged this irresponsible thinking.

I’m all for guard towers, walls, and mean dogs on the border. Heck, I might even volunteer for the Minutemen this summer vacation for a few days! But, I will accept a compromise that keeps those immigrants coming here the legal and transparent way in the front of the line, and identifies those that have snuck their way into America illegally while dealing with them in a way deem appropriate by our elected officials…. as if the illegals did something, say, illegal.

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