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Cap Weinberger In a Shining City

Posted by Ryan on March 28, 2006

Acknowledgement from the Axis of Right on the death of President Ronald Reagan’s former Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger who succumbed to illness at age 88. He was instrumetnal in America’s hot pursuit of commies in Latin America, proposing that a Latin American “domino” effect might take place if that region was left unchecked (it nearly did). He was also instrumental in reorganizing and prioritizing the military in the 1980s. Props to Cap for helping to keep us safe during our childhood.

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Fresh Blood is a Good Thing

Posted by Mike on March 28, 2006

Critics of term limits are uneasy because almost half of Nebraska’s legislature is about to be term-limited. They fear that new legislators will be easily swayed by lobbyists and will require time to learn about the legislative process.

I find the turnover refreshing. Entrenched politicians often lose touch with the real world. I don’t say that to criticize. Losing touch is simply the natural effect of being surrounded with the trappings of power for so long. New politicians are more recently connected to their constituents and are much more likely to be idealistic and unswayed by special interests.

The main reason I support term limits is its positive effect on democracy. Legislative incumbency retention is abnormally high as a result of lopsided institutional advantages such as fundraising advantages, name recognition and free media. These advantages make it very unlikely for challengers to be competitive, even those who more accurately reflect the views of the electorate. That is why most new members of legislature are elected to open seats where there is no incumbent.

I understand the opposition to term limits but I don’t buy it. No one is irreplaceable. I also have a hard time sympathizing with politicians just because they lose their power.

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PA Senate Race Tightens

Posted by Mike on March 28, 2006

Democrat Bob Casey still leads Senator Santorum but his lead is shrinking. Up 16 points one month ago, Casey’s lead is down to 10 in the latest Rasmussen poll, 48-38. What I find most striking in this poll again is that Santorum’s numbers aren’t climbing all that much but Casey’s are dropping. The latest squawking by the NARAL crowd may be having an effect.

That said, Santorum needs something more. Casey will open his mouth at some point which will cause his support to erode even more. At this point however, I don’t think it will be enough. I think too many well-intentioned pro-life people will be duped into thinking the pro-life cause would be served by someone who would support Harriet Reid for Majority leader. This race is still Casey’s to lose.

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