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“I Simply Don’t Remember Getting out of Bed…”

Posted by Ryan on May 5, 2006

So now it’s prescription drugs. This story sounds even more shady today. Kennedy gets to admit he has human failings, gets to go to the Mayo Clinic while the heat dies down, and gets to fly, yet again, to reelection in the People’s Republic of Rhode Island. A very convenient, almost formulaic situation. Pelosi and Daddy have their tracks all over this.

He may have real, authentic problems with pain killers, Ambien, alcohol, or cocaine (rumor has it his drug of choice while at Providence in the 1980s). Yet, Fred Barnes on Special Report with Brit Hume tonight made an interesting point about Kennedy’s “un-remembering” of details about the incident demonstrated in the discrepancies between yesterday’s account and today’s act of contrition. Fred also took a swipe at RI voters for putting up with things like this: from the other recent accident, to the battering of an airport security guard, to his crass insulting of John Paul the Great in the country’s most Catholic state back in the 2000 Election.

He is an elected functionary who really does need to know how to take his meds. As human as he may be, the voters in Rhode Island’s First District don’t have to put up with an addict as their Representative. But they will. I still believe that he’ll get 60+%.

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