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What to do with Iran…

Posted by Ryan on May 9, 2006

Apparently, the major powers have no agreement on what to do with Iran. I was actually hopeful that Mahmoud’s letter was going to break the deadlock– that Iran wanted to engage the world community, but under certain conditions that we could accomplish through nuance and back channels. Apparently, Mahmoud just wanted to nag Bush directly, rather than through those loopy speeches.

But what should we do with Iran? China sees an emerging energy market in Iran that they need to tap into. Russia sees another client state. France is simply irrelevant.

These questions seem to me to be quite relevant, though:

  • Do we embrace a new nuclear power with ties to international terrorism if it eventually helps our economic relationship with China and Russia?
  • Do we gather another “coalition of the willing” and kick ass, risking a collective stroke amongst America’s Left and the MSM?
  • Is it even worth trying to compromise with a nation bent on vaporizing one of our friends in the Mideast?
  • What good is a UN Security Council Resolution in the post-9/11 world anyway?

As the UN obstructs, the clock keeps ticking toward that day when we may have only one option with Iran.

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