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Posted by Sal on May 11, 2006

Yet another classified NSA program has been spilled to the press by “anonymous sources”. Apparently, the NSA keeps a database of all phone calls made in America to try to get “trends” on people to determine if there are any trends that have terrorist underpinnings. They do not, however, listen to the content of the calls.

The people who leaked this information, and that of the Foreign call surveillance program, need to be tracked down and tried for treason. There is no other word to describe their crime. Willfully and knowingly subverting the National Security interests of the U.S. is a crime of treason. By leaking this information, the leaker and the press is giving aid to our enemy, the Islamo-fascist terrorists who have declared war on America and the entire West.

If a person has a problem of conscience with a program such as this, they should use proper channels to protest — the Senate/House Intelligence Committees (for which there is a provision for this type of thing), the Director of Central Intelligence, etc. To leak this classified and sensitive information to the world is cowardly and treacherous. The so-called leak of Valerie Plame was nothing compared to the damage done to our surveillance of terrorists by the leaks of the past few months.

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Philosopher Kings keeping down the plebes

Posted by Sal on May 11, 2006

Well, after a somewhat lengthy hiatus due to capitalistic concerns, I’m back to further discuss and debate here at the Axis of Right.

As many of you know, two of my more passionate topics include Judicial Activism and the State of the American educational system. Well, both of these topics merged this week when a California state judge tentatively threw out a state law requiring an exam for students to pass in order to graduate high school, on the grounds that it violated the Equal Protection clause by not catering to students who do not speak English.

There are so many things wrong with this. First, it is not up to a JUDGE to decide social policy. Most of the crap in this country has not been a result of the votes of the people or their duly-elected federal representatives, but by activist judges who expand their role into that of a philosopher-king, one who is beyond the reproach of the people and who, with a flick of the gavel, can overrule the will of the people for no other reason than his or her own personal feelings.

On the education issue, why is it so controversial to require a minimum-standards test to graduate? Life itself is full of tests, entrance exams, job interviews, etc. We spend too much time coddling our high school students, and not enough time preparing them for the harsh reality of life. We are doing them a disservice by constantly letting them pass through and graduate. It is this reason that a high school diploma barely means anything anymore. The test itself is not hard — it’s been rated at a 6th-grade level of basic reading and Math. The test and its results in CA have shown, over the past several years, an increase in the education quality, as more and more students are being prepared earlier with the skills necessary. Now, because of the whim of one man, the normal, every-day Americans who benefit from this test’s existence, will suffer. It may be satisfying to the students who did not pass this year, but it will not benefit them in the long run, nor will it benefit the rest of CA’s kids.

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