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The DaVinci Code–Should I?

Posted by Ryan on May 20, 2006

Apparently, the movie is not that good. Reviewers from around the nation have been luke-warm on the film, which is based on a book that spend years on Bestseller’s Lists. Obviously, sometimes the book does not translate well on film, so shortly after its release. Some Christian groups have wanted to boycott the film, but they could be overreacting or grandstanding on the principle of a movie like this. It’s their prerogative, though.

However, I have not read the book, not for any good or bad reason, but because I have such a reading list and such little time. I still don’t know if I’ll see the movie. I am aware the premise of this work of historical fiction is about the Catholic church hiding some piece of information about Jesus Christ from the rest of us. It’s directed by the formulaic Ron Howard and is “talky” to some critics. Now, I don’t mind a psychological thriller, or even a movie that is somewhat critical of religion for that matter, but if this film has at its root some real Hollywood-driven anti-Catholic message, rubbing it in the face of the viewer for some juvenile anti-religious giggles, then I may have to obstain.

If I see it, though I’ll review it.

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More Progress

Posted by Ryan on May 20, 2006

The Iraqi Parliament has finally chosen a government, minus just a few positions. The missing positions, however, happen to be three security posts that caused a few Sunnis to walk out in protest.

Nonetheless, it is a huge move in the right direction as the Prime Minister said that his biggest priority will be security and phasing out the multinational forces. Good for them! I hope it works out.

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