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The DaVinci Code–Should I?

Posted by Ryan on May 20, 2006

Apparently, the movie is not that good. Reviewers from around the nation have been luke-warm on the film, which is based on a book that spend years on Bestseller’s Lists. Obviously, sometimes the book does not translate well on film, so shortly after its release. Some Christian groups have wanted to boycott the film, but they could be overreacting or grandstanding on the principle of a movie like this. It’s their prerogative, though.

However, I have not read the book, not for any good or bad reason, but because I have such a reading list and such little time. I still don’t know if I’ll see the movie. I am aware the premise of this work of historical fiction is about the Catholic church hiding some piece of information about Jesus Christ from the rest of us. It’s directed by the formulaic Ron Howard and is “talky” to some critics. Now, I don’t mind a psychological thriller, or even a movie that is somewhat critical of religion for that matter, but if this film has at its root some real Hollywood-driven anti-Catholic message, rubbing it in the face of the viewer for some juvenile anti-religious giggles, then I may have to obstain.

If I see it, though I’ll review it.

One Response to “The DaVinci Code–Should I?”

  1. Ryan said

    I did.

    I just got back from seeing the DaVinci Code. It was alright. It was about as fact-based as “Stigmata”, conveniently leaving out this or that detail to get the plot moving. It deals with the Holy Grail. One issie I had was that if the Holy Grail is to be interpreted as the bloodline of Christ, then one could never tell using modern science, since those specific genetic markers are only found in male genes, not female ones (something about the simple nature of the Y chromosome).


    My faith wasn’t shattered and an effort was made to distinguish between moderates and extremists. But, I have to tell you, some of the cherry-picked historical mumbo-jumbo reminded me of all that “Lilith” stuff that was big in the 1990s. I am a student of history, so it’s tough to get some of the “pop” historical analysis past muster.

    Based on some real historical data, there is no major world religion that treats and has treated women with as much respect as Christianity does (I do not count Judaism, since technically because its relative small numbers, it is not a major religion like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, etc.). Yet, the film has some issues with that concept.

    Just like Stigmata and the Lilith people, the DaVinci Code’s philosophical conclusions will take its place as another swipe at the Roman Catholic Church, catering to the “unwashed,” intellectual types who think their brains are too big to fit God in there, and those who love to see Catholics squirm as their faith is questioned on the big screen.

    The movie itself wasn’t bad. It had about four endings, but as a LOTR fan I can’t complain. I was entertained, though, as it tried to be intellectual without condescending. It wasn’t dumbed-down like many Hollywood films today. The plot moves as they are being chased over Western Europe. But in the end, after all is said and done, it’s a piece of fiction. For those who like to be intellectual, but don’t have those kinds of friends, this movie should spark conversation.

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