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With Sprinkles on Top?

Posted by Ryan on May 21, 2006

Ray Nagin, the most inept mayor of a large city since Newark’s own Sharpe James, has been reelected 52-48% over Lt. Governor Landrieu to continue his tenure over the “Chocolate City.” Though the absentee ballots were close, Nagin pulled ahead in the end and will continue to blame everyone else for his travails, beg others for money then blame them for the city’s future woes, and generally continue the policies that made Nawlins suck even before Katrina.

P.S. Hurricane season starts May 31.

One Response to “With Sprinkles on Top?”

  1. Chris said

    When I saw this story broke, I was at first somewhat surprised about the victory, but then again, I thought of the history of Louisiana politics and the words corruption and idiocy came to mind (think the Longs-Huey and Earl, the Landrieus-Moon, Mary and Mitch, William Jefferson, Democrat-LA, , The Bus…apologies to Jerome Bettis…and James Carville.) That state sure has produced some real winners (and I use that word loosely) in the past.

    When I caught the Rush highlights this evening, he brings up a very interesting point about Drudge’s exclusive . The reason the DNC wanted Mitch Landrieu (son of Moon Landrieu, fm’r Mayor of Nawlins and sister of Mary “I’ll punch Bush” Landrieu, Democrat Louisiana Senator) to win instead of ‘Bus’ was that he would get more Nawlins voters to support his sister for her Senate Re-election campaign in 2008…remember, it took a runoff for her to win in 2002.

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