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A Glimpse of the Forest

Posted by Mike on May 23, 2006

This new age of media we enjoy is a wonderful thing. People who in the past would have been uninformed or misinformed by three networks and an Old Gray Whore in New York now have more access to up-to-the-minute and accurate information than ever before. However, even the most informed among us can lose sight of the big picture. I pleased guilty to this as well. News in the 21st century can be like viewing a Monet masterpiece. From far away, with perspective, it is a masterpiece. Up close, it’s a big ol’ mess. Kudos to Michael Novak for remembering the big picture.

Illegal immigration is the hottest topic in the country at this time and President Bush could not be more hopelessly wrong. (Hat tip Curtis Sliwa). The issue is at the forefront of our debate and tearing the only responsible political party in half. I disagree with this President. I wish he would drop it. Nevertheless, I admire President Bush.

Thanks to President Bush, the U.S no longer views terrorism as a criminal enterprise where the best response is limited to those directly involved in a particular attack. Recognizing the reality of terrorist organizations, President Bush shifted our sitting duck strategy to an offensive battle plan where not only terrorist organizations, but nations who harbor them are held accountable. The Taliban regime which harbored and cooperated with terrorists is gone and millions are free. Saddam Hussein, who harbored and cooperated with terrorists, is out of power and millions are freely choosing their own government. America is safer as a result.

Taxes are lower and the economy is stronger than when Bush took office. It is our money. Bush was right to let us keep more of it. I will stand behind him when he pushes to make them permanent.

The judiciary is being filled with judges who recognize that it is their job to follow the law, not to amend it. Justices Roberts and Alito are off to great starts. Courts which follow the Constitution rather than the op ed page of the Old Gray Whore should terrify those who believe in the right of abortionists to murder the unborn.

Our President is not perfect. Sometimes his decisions are infuriating but conservatives are capable of seeing the big picture. Sometimes this happens a little too close to election day for my liking, but it happens. To my fellow conservatives: I share your outrage, but I ask you to remember the previous occupants of the White House. We are better off than we were six years ago. Many of President Bush’s wiser decisions will past the test of history. Let’s follow Michael Novak’s lead. Stand up and be counted.

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