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Maybe Temporary Taxes Can be Temporary

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2006

I always believed that temporary taxes were permanent. I stand corrected. The temporary telephone tax to fund the Spanish American War has been repealed. President McKinley kept his promise. Maybe I’ll believe the next politician who claims his or her tax increase isn’t permanent.

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C’mon Pennsylvania, He’s a Keeper

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2006

Rick Santorum has been rock solid since being elected in 1994. Unborn children could not ask for a better friend. He supports a strong American military. He tries to keep our taxes low. Unfortunately, Rick Santorum does not have the edge in this year’s Senate race. He is down in the polls and will probably lose if his opponent can dupe good-hearted pro-lifers into voting for a Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy. Although he is at a disadvantage and probably will be on election day, I have always said the race would tighten once the difference in campaigning ability became an issue. Well, it’s here.

Santorum has taken his stand on illegal immigration. What say you Bob Casey? Oh right.
Your entire campaign is based on hiding behind your father’s good name.

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The Political Winds

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2006

If you ever want to know which way the political winds are blowing during an election year, watch the moderate Republicans. Under normal circumstances, these RINOs crave the approval of the media. During an election year, they seek the approval of the voters. The Democrat strategy for re-taking the House in November is to target blue state moderate Republicans. This is because that is where there are enough Democrat voters to unseat Republicans. Denny Hastert isn’t going to lose his seat.

Rep. Christopher Shays (RINO-CT) is your prototypical spineless RINO. Shays has been quoted in the Washington Times as saying: “I don’t want to see a bill come to the floor of the House that gives them a path to citizenship.” This recent moment of clarity is probably due to the fact that Congressman Shays regularly holds town meetings so he can figure out what he is supposed to believe. It appears that even the voters of the Volvo Republican districts of Connecticut oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. It seems the message is starting to get through.

The House is key because they feel more pressure than Senators who only face re-election every six years. Shays is feeling the heat. Other RINOs like Sue Kelly are as well. Perhaps our borders will be respected after all.

Hat tip to The Laura Ingraham Show for drawing my attention to this article.

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Fool Me Twice . . .

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2006

No leader is perfect. Ronald Reagan, the greatest President of the twentieth century, made a mistake in 1986 when he granted amnesty to illegal immigrants. I have always defended Reagan on this issue because he did not have his own failure as an example. Ed Meese, a key player in the that amnesty failure, reminds us that this amnesty is strikingly similar to the amnesty proposal of 20 years ago and makes a great case for not repeating the mistakes of the past.

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