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Fool Me Twice . . .

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2006

No leader is perfect. Ronald Reagan, the greatest President of the twentieth century, made a mistake in 1986 when he granted amnesty to illegal immigrants. I have always defended Reagan on this issue because he did not have his own failure as an example. Ed Meese, a key player in the that amnesty failure, reminds us that this amnesty is strikingly similar to the amnesty proposal of 20 years ago and makes a great case for not repeating the mistakes of the past.

4 Responses to “Fool Me Twice . . .”

  1. rightonoz said

    Just a little ‘fact’ more Americans voted for the Idol finalists than voted in the election that Regan won, the highest voter turnout in US history. Does this say something about priorities?????

    Just pulling leg.

    Gauvin, not trying to insult you or anyone, but almost universally around the world Regan was seen as an anacronism, and things like the fall of communism in Russia credited to him were already in process. They were moving internally to a far more market focussed system (with some resistance) I know you don’t rate Gorby, however he deserves much of the credit. Any number of other Soviet leaders would have forcefully cracked down in a ’56 style purge and that would have been the end of it for another 20 years (If we hadn’t had a nuclear show down as Andropov wanted)

  2. Gauvin said

    Reagan himself stated that the Soviet Union’s last pages of history were being written and the left ridiculed for him it. Only Reagan saw that it could be done with the application of the pressure in the right areas. He applied that pressure to topple the USSR while the left and many conservatives thought it was impossible. The fact that we now view the fall of the USSR as inevitable is a testament to Regan’s leadership, not to any uninfomred view that he was an anachronism. (not calling you uninformed, you’re one of my favorite libs)

    As for Gorby, he tried to preserve Communism, not end it. He simply failed. In his defense, he was no Stalin but I’m not sure that’s really much of a compliment.

  3. rightonoz said

    Hi Gauvin,

    We’ll differ to the end of time on Regan and for that matter Gorby.

    From my exposure to information not generally public, It’s definite that he was not trying to preserve communism in it’s historical model.

    He was certainly moving towards a system where free markets (capitalism) applied, where there would be more democracy (perhaps not to the level we understand)and open engagement with the West. To even mention Stalin in the same sentence is somewhat of an insult to the man.

    NOW I DO TAKE EXCEPTION TO BEING CALLED A LIB, one of your favourites or not! 🙂

    I’m VERY right wing, though have some leaning towards a compassionate right wing. I do have ‘liberal’ views on some social issues, but defintiely no bleeding heart.

    Having said all that, I do enjoy our conversations, including throwing in the ‘devil’s advocate’ position from time to time. I know I occasionally throw something out there as fact due to previous exposure without giving the full background facts and asking you or anyone to take it as gospel is asking rather a lot. Unfortunately we have something called The Official Secrets Act that binds for life. Enough said on that.

    A leak to the press, or anyone would see serious jail time for anyone breaking it. I think that’s what you’re alluding to being necessary for some of the US leakers.

    We actually have some very useful laws down here. I mentioned in an earlier post about some Australian forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Bush gave special thanks for their achievements)

    While it’s understood what unit they are from, it is illegal to mention their names or to publish a photo of anyone from those units. VERY useful law.

    Perhaps you should have ‘she who must not be named’ declared a menber of such a unit… make it illegal to whisper her name or publish a photo!

    While we’re on the subject of Australian forces (bit of a stretch). I want to make mention of our guys who were in East Timor within 24 hours of their government asking and on the ground protecting defenseless families and other countries’ consular staff from raging mobs. For a small country (20M) we have an exceptionally competant and effective fighting force with a history of achieving the impossible.

  4. Gauvin said

    Amen to that Oz.

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