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Maybe Temporary Taxes Can be Temporary

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2006

I always believed that temporary taxes were permanent. I stand corrected. The temporary telephone tax to fund the Spanish American War has been repealed. President McKinley kept his promise. Maybe I’ll believe the next politician who claims his or her tax increase isn’t permanent.

2 Responses to “Maybe Temporary Taxes Can be Temporary”

  1. Matt said

    I guess there is hope! Hey, maybe they’ll take the toll booths off the Mass Pike 100 years from now. That was supposed to be “temporary” until the road was paid for, right?

  2. Ryan said

    But there’s always “upkeep” on the roads. The Newport Bridge was only supposed to have temporary tolls too. Actually the Garden State Parkway here in NJ was only supposed to use the tolls until the road was paid for too.

    But, after only 100 years, 18 Presidents and nearly 50 Congresses, the Span-Am War costs can finally be assuaged!

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