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An Education

Posted by Ryan on May 27, 2006

Yesterday, my brother, Staff Sergeant Patrick Hynes, was kind enough to drive down to New Jersey (by Rhode Island standards a very big undertaking to be on the road 4 full hours!). The purpose was double– visit his brother (me), as well as speak to my classes about his experiences in Iraq.

On the first end, we had a great dinner Thursday at this place called The Hearth, then smoked a nasty cigar and pounded a few in true brotherly form. Getting up Friday was tough, but we pulled it off.

On the education front, I was able to get a large lecture hall and invited eight other teachers to visit with different classes throughout the day. I introduced him, then he showed two slide-show videos, 95% of which was taken by his camera:

  1. the typical media portrayal of violent, bloody Iraq
  2. the good-will ambassador relief effort, everyday life near Sadr City, Iraq

Then, he took Q&A for about 15 minutes at the end of each period. It was a lesson on HIS contrasting experiences (his Hummer was IED’d 3 times!) and on storytelling– if you want a gloomy Iraq you can find it; if you want a great humanitarian story, you can find that story as well, as he has seen them both up close and personal.

The kids asked GREAT questions and the teachers were thoroughly impressed. Yes, there was that one out-of-touch ex-hippie teacher that was offended by some of the images, threatened to email my supervisor (who I invited, by the way) her complaints, and made snide comments throughout the video portion of the presentation to the revulsion of those around her. She was only there one period… actually, my boss liked it so much, he stayed for two!

My students got a real education yesterday and I just wanted to give props to my brother for his service and the favor to come down and visit my classes!

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I Like This Bush

Posted by Ryan on May 27, 2006

President Bush gave a commencement address at West Point Academy today. I just got up in time to watch it. Brilliant speech, laying out the historical process from Truman, through the end of the Cold War and how the lessons of the past have helped us move towards the future. We have seen a military transistion unlike that of any period since the late 1940s. Bush referred heavily to Truman and the decisions Truman had to make to set precedent that would help us eventually defeat Soviet communism.

This was Bush strong on defense, clear in his thoughts, and in front of a crowd with special significance– the Class of 2006 was the first to enlist AFTER 9/11. Meaning, they knew war was coming and that they would eventually have to answer the call. One of my favorite lines from Bush dealt with the notion that “this war started on my watch, but it’ll end on yours.” It is the brave young men and women of our armed services that make our lives as rich as they are here in the States, and will be vanguards of that peace and justice long into the future.

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