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Ambition in the Balance

Posted by Mike on May 28, 2006

The leftist kooks at the New York Slimes are grumbling. They really want their hero Al Gore to challenge She Who Must Not Be Named in 2008. I especially love this fawning quote from Frank Rich: “Mr. Gore’s stands on Iraq (both in 1991 and 2002) were manifestations of leadership – the single attribute most missing from the current Democrats with presidential ambitions.”

Click here for the real story of Gore’s “manifestation of leadership” in 1991.

3 Responses to “Ambition in the Balance”

  1. Ryan said

    Great Articles! I hope the Republicans bring this up if Algore decides to run in ’08.

    I’d love to see it! The Libs still think that Bush’s low polls mean that Americans like them. Perhaps the thought is too simply to be noticed by their obviously large brains.

  2. rightonoz said

    Why this guy can’t just fade into the sunset I don’t know.

    The more I read on him the more I am certain he would be an abismal failure as a president.

    Who’s lining up to be the Republican frontrunner in 08?wnifirdaptfrt

  3. Ryan said

    The only Republican who does not offend any wing of the party is Senator George Allen. He’s conservative, articulate, has experience as a governor and a legislator, and is affable.

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