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Koizumi Rock n’ Roll

Posted by Ryan on June 30, 2006

That trusty Japanese Prime Minister with the great hair, Junichiro Koizumi, made an appearance today in Graceland with President Bush. Koizumi, a long time fan of Elvis, looked like he was having quite a great time, finally getting the chance to make a pilgrimage to where his rock hero once lived.

Actually, it was more like a kid in a candy store! The level of Koizumi’s excitement bordered on potential saki abuse as he sang songs during press shots, emulated “Pelvis” once or twice, and donned those awesome shades (as seen above) on at least two occasions. If he only had a big camera and his family trailing him in full tourist mode…. Well, let’s leave it there. Nonetheless, it’s great seeing fans express themselves, even letting loose, Prime Minister or not.

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Maybe the MSM’ll Notice Now

Posted by Ryan on June 28, 2006

Apparently, the advertising spots are in for next year and the New Media continues to suck the lifeblood out of the Old Guard. In the Slimes article, one can sense the suppressed outrage hidden behind their comments.

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Jogging With Pride

Posted by Ryan on June 27, 2006

Bush’s jog today speaks volumes about his character. As a brother of an Iraq War veteran, I am extemely proud that Bush is our President during this time of war. He not only gets it, but he lives it. Yes, it was a short jog with a wounded soldier to whom he made a promise, but this is a different kind of photo op.

He’s not crashing a military funeral, or at the airport to be the first ones that the returning vets meet before hugging their loved ones. He’s keeping a promise to an individual who has suffered from a decision that Bush, himself, made. Let’s not forget the soldier, SSgt. Christian Bagge, who not only continues to persevere through the difficult time of essentially losing both his legs, but must forever live with the consequences of the actions that he made to serve this country. Bush gets it, and so does this soldier.

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Space Shuttle Woes Linger

Posted by Ryan on June 26, 2006

You know, we used to use freon instead of this new fangled foam and people didn’t die nor did we fret much because of it.

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Whose Side is He On?

Posted by Ryan on June 26, 2006

Wow. Big Murtha strikes again, blaming America for everything and siding with the benign North Koreans and Ayatollahs. Perhaps he joined them in an afternoon of kite-flying in Baghdad before Bush’s insidious War for Oil.

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WMDs Anyone?

Posted by Ryan on June 26, 2006

The Loft has a great answer to this question, as does Rush. The fact that WMDs have been found, even though a bit old and only 500 to this point, means that the Iraq War achieved the goal of successful disarming Saddam’s WMD capabilities.

The truth is that the weapons inspectors never would have found this stuff, because Saddam neglected to mention these 500 mustard gas/sarin containers in his thorough 13,000 page document after United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441 back in 2002.

Last Fall, when Bush was getting hammered about Katrina and Iraq, I remember asking some Libs at work if their opinion of the war, the mission, and the troops would change if we found the WMDs. Silence. Eerily like the MSM on Thursday and Friday. Is 500 enough to get their attention? 500 may not be “stockpiles” but it shows that WMDs are there, were there, and continue to be a threat if put in the wrong hands. Where’s the intellectual honesty on the Left, and more importantly, where’s the Right shouting from the rooftops?

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Short Memories

Posted by Ryan on June 25, 2006

The first time I remember hearing the phrase “stay the course” it was spoken by George HW Bush as our 41st president. His son, our current President, has done just that in Iraq and now we can start entertaining the idea of troop withdrawals.

Yet, it wasn’t Democratic pressure or horrible battlefield defeats that got us here. It was Dubya’s position since June 2004: get a constitution written, have national unity elections, while beefing up their military and then we’ll talk about major redeployments. Which is, oddly, exactly what’s been happening. It’s just been happening at a slower pace than some our esteemed “cut-and-run” friends have wanted it to. It’s either short memories, impatience, poor journalistic skills, or playing politics.

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Bud Selig’s Response is Anything But Fabulous

Posted by Mike on June 24, 2006

Ozzie Guillen recently responded to sports reporter Jay Mariotti’s criticism by using a gay slur. Though he apologized to those in the gay community he may have offended, Guillen did not apologize to Mariotti. Baseball Commissar Bud Selig responded by mandating that Guillen attend sensitivity training.

Ordering people to attend a brainwashing academy for using language which may offend some people sets a dangerous precedent. Guillen would have been wise to use another term to criticize Mariotti; however, where will we be if one day the people who determine which words require re-education are people who possess warped values? Let’s just stick with freedom of speech.

Whether the context is Ann Coulter using colorful language to accurately describe the Witches of East Brunswick or Cindy Sheehan praising Hugo Chavez, ignoring such speech is always an option. There is no obligation to endorse offensive speech. People are free to ignore, denounce, fail to endorse or laugh at the words people use.

Major League Baseball is a private organization and therefore not subject to the First Amendment. That is not the basis of my criticism. Selig could have made it abundantly clear that Guillen’s comments did not represent the views of Major League Baseball. He could have issued a stinging condemnation of Guillen’s words. He can even prevent Guillen from using Major League Baseball equipment, property, media etc. to issue such statements in the future. No one believes that MLB is obligated to provide Guillen with a microphone but Selig did not have to mandate a training session that sounds like something out of Orwell’s 1984. Selig’s response is the gayest thing I ever heard.

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A Brave New World

Posted by Sal on June 22, 2006

Mrs. Sal emailed me this morning with a question that she found on her MA state Driver’s License renewal form, which we received in the mail yesterday. The question reads as follows:

Check here if sex designation has changed. Note: Additional Documentation will be required
Change Sex Designation to: ___ Male ___ Female

The entire form can be found here.

Only in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts…

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The Dignity of See BS Alumni

Posted by Mike on June 20, 2006

The Tiffany Network has seen better days. This weekend, former See BS co-anchor Connie Chung gave this embarrassing performance on PMSNBC. (The best part is when she gracefully leaps from the piano). Apparently, Connie and and her husband Maury Povich imported the quality of CBS reporting with the ratings of MSNBC. You can see why the show was cancelled.

Today, the schadenfreude escalated with the news that Dan Rather is leaving See BS in disgrace. Having been at See BS for over two decades, Rather pissed it all away in an attempt to fabricate a news story to bring down the honorable President he despises. Fortunately, Rather leaves the network with his reputation in shambles and a Bush in the White House. Remember Dan, “those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.” Schmuck.

Photo courtesy of UBlog

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Is Knowingly Spreading HIV/AIDS a Crime?

Posted by Ryan on June 20, 2006

Should it be?

It a serious problem in America, no doubt. With all sorts of nations like India and Russia (and take your pick in Africa) being traumatized by AIDS, with a subculture of some homosexuals getting infected as a “gift,” with the dating scene being as blighted and shady as it is (oh, don’t I know, dodging bullets like Neo in the Matrix), things like this happening in Britain or anywhere deserves severe punishment.

If you know you have HIV and go sleeping around in a rampage for the sole purpose of infecting other people in your anger, I believe you should be charged with a degree of manslaughter of those you infected– at least until there’s a cure (something people have been hoping is just around the corner nearly 30 years and millions of deaths later). Some countries have taken this approach, like some areas of Britain. It may sound Draconian–or is it seriously addressing a real problem? Something’s got to give.

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Jump, Joe, Jump!

Posted by Ryan on June 17, 2006

The Democrats are proving that they are moving more towards the Left to their own detriment, embracing the anti-war wing of their coalition. They don’t like Joe Lieberman because he believes that politics stops on the water’s edge– a novel idea for today’s liberal. Joe may be thinking of running as an independent in Connecticut if his primary challenger gains too much steam. I think the Dems are getting to him…

By the way, I could not let this picture go! It came out of the 2000 Election and sat buried. I was looking for an excuse to post it, but since 2002 Joe has shown some character on the war issue and the opportunity has not arisen. Perhaps the libs can use it against him this year– they think anyone who generally supports the War in Iraq and the mission are fascists anyway:

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What a difference a year makes

Posted by Sal on June 16, 2006

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) came out with a decision today in the case Hudson v. Michigan. This case was a classic fourth Amendment case. In it, the police violated the so-called “knock-and-announce” rule of the fourth amendment, which requires police to knock and wait for an answer when serving a search warrant unless “circumstances present a threat of physical violence,” or if there is “reason to believe that evidence would likely be destroyed if advance notice were given,” (see Justice Scalia’s Opinion). The original court threw out all the evidence obtained in the search because police knocked and waited only 3-5 seconds before entering, which the court stated was not sufficient to satisfy the rule. The Court of Appeals overturned the trial courts ruling, and today the U.S. Supreme court upheld the overturning by stating that throwing out all the evidence was not an appropriate remedy.

The court did not address the questions of the so-called “knock-and-announce” rule, but rather ruled that the throwing evidence out was too strong a remedy. The majority opinion was written by Scalia, and joined by Thomas, Roberts, and Alito, with Kennedy concurring in part. Souter, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Stevens dissented.

This case shows several important things about how the new court is constituted:

  • Alito and Roberts appear to be joining Thomas and Scalia with a common-sense approach to the law enforcement aspects of the Constitution.
  • The Roberts approach of narrowly deciding cases was upheld. Scalia could have addressed the fourth amendment issue of “knock-and-answer” in its entirety. He chose to not do so, since the State of Michigan conceded violation of this principle. He instead focused only on the remedy.
  • Kennedy is still the wildcard. We need one more reliable Originalist vote to truly return the court to its proper role.

News reports also say that O’Conner, who was involved in the initial hearing of the case, seemed to be leaning towards sympathy to the defendant. The case was re-heard after her retirement and the swearing in of Justice Alito. A year ago, this case may have gone the other way. What a difference.

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We All Knew Reagan was Money

Posted by Ryan on June 16, 2006

While I was home from work today, I was watching FOX News and saw a commercial that got me thinking…

It’s about time we really started thinking about putting Reagan on something again. I mean an airport is cool, an office building token, but Ronaldus Magnus on money? I think it’s really worth exploring once more. Some have been contemplating the idea for a few years now. Some people thought Rushmore might even be in the cards, but in my opinion Reagan needs his own mountain if that were the case.

FDR v. Reagan— two political titans of their age, each an 800 pound gorilla in the realm of politics, each shaped politics for future generations both during their tenures and after they left office, each has an enduring legacy that few 20th cenutry Presidents could manage. Yet, messing with our money… maybe. Hamilton’s on the $10– a genius, but he was never President and was a bit eccentric. Neither was Franklin, but he’s a transcendant American titan. FDR? Let the debate resume, now just two years after Reagan’s death!

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Does Raul Castro Know Something?

Posted by Mike on June 15, 2006

Fidel Castro’s little brother Raul recently expressed confidence that Cuba will remain Communist after the Fidel assumes room temperature. Castrosito claims that a future U.S invasion would result in casualties American politics would not tolerate. Putting aside the hilarity of the threat, I find it encouraging.

What reason would Cuba’s number two have for choosing this moment in history to discuss succession? It is often said that celebrities die in threes. Could the same be true of tyrants and terrorists? Heck, I’d settle for two. Free Cuba!

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Page 7

Posted by Mike on June 15, 2006

The daughter of a former American President and her normally reclusive significant other were spotted at a popular West Village hangout a little over a week ago. My unnamed source reports that this former first child, whose father was famous for getting himself into sticky situations and whose mother we do not name, had quite a fiesta before skipping out on the bill. Shame she couldn’t dish out a few pesos, what with her six figure salary and all.

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A More Macabre MSM

Posted by Ryan on June 15, 2006

Apparently, the MSM has an excuse to celebrate after the horrible week they’ve had:

  1. Zarqawi dead
  2. Rove cleared
  3. Bush’s numbers are up
  4. Dow closed above 11,000 again today
  5. New al Qaeda documents don’t bode well for the Democratic position on Iraq

But at least the MSM can lead their minions in a familiar, yet macabre cheer; the same that they have had throughout the Iraq War–new “milestones” of dead soldiers. This time its 2,500 dead US soldiers in Iraq. While every soldier’s life is precious, the number is still below the numbers of Americans that died in 1 day on June 6, 1944. Perspective anyone? It’s been over three years since we’ve been fighting in Iraq: through Operation Iraqi Freedom I, II and III, which included a full fledged war and a dangerous insurgency to follow. I think that since we’re staying the course and now have the enemy on the run eventually we’ll win this without a wimpy exit-strategy based on artificial timetables articulated from a position of weakness. We’ll leave when the job’s done.

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Trouble For Chafee

Posted by Ryan on June 14, 2006

Check out this Rasmussen poll, showing trouble for Chafee against Sheldon Whitehouse, the apparent Democratic hopeful. Though Laffey may have some issues in the polling as well, the RINO looks as vulnerable as ever!

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I Like This Bush!

Posted by Ryan on June 13, 2006

President Bush was seen in Iraq today having a chat with Prime Minister al-Maliki as part of his War Council’s efforts to decide our future goals in Iraq. I love it whenever Bush sneaks over there, surprises the world, shows his gumption. However, there’s always nay-sayers that turn a wonderful moment into political spin.

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Conscience of the Senate

Posted by Mike on June 12, 2006

Senator Robert Byrd (D-KKK) is now the longest serving Senator in American history. The liberal Democrat from West Virginia began his public service recruiting new members into the Ku Klux Klan, the racist organization known for terrorizing and lynching people of color. Unsatisfied with the limited geographic scope of his service, Byrd entered politics on a national level.

As a Senator, though claiming he regretted his former racial views, Byrd never could shake off his support of discrimination, opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Byrd has also extended his peculiar brand of compassion to the unborn.

His credentials are on national security are no better. Byrd opposed Reagan’s military buildup which won the Cold War. He opposed the both wars against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Originally a supporter of the Patriot Act in a rare moment of lucidity, he now opposes it. His recent speeches on national security seek to undermine public opinion in support of the war against terrorism, providing aid and comfort to the enemy in the process.

Liberals often refer to Byrd as “the conscience of the Senate.” To paraphrase Mark Levin, if he’s the conscience of the Senate, they should all resign.

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Republicans Cause Hurricanes

Posted by Sal on June 12, 2006

At least that’s what former President Bill Clinton said today. I suppose we Republicans also cause Earthquakes, Cancer, and the flu.

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Big Ben Gets Donged

Posted by Ryan on June 12, 2006

Big Ben, Steelers quarterback extraordinaire, got into a serious car crash today. Ben was known for not wearing a helmet when on the road. Let’s hope this brazen adherence to biking machismo does not end up giving him brain damage, and that his other injuries allow him to play again. He was great to watch in the playoffs last year, as his game was really maturing. Though dumb to ride without a helmet, let’s hope he’s fine.

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Drive-by Media enthralled at Al Qaida Successor

Posted by Sal on June 12, 2006

Less than a week after the strike that killed Al Qaida leader in Iraq Abu musab al-Zarqawi, the Drive-by media is reporting that the terrorist organization has named his successor, Abu Hamza al-Muhajer.

The fact that the Drive-by media is lending credence to this “story” is despicable. The story is only there to try and take the focus off the victory that we won last week in killing Zarqawi. The news media is engaging in irresponsible journalism Consider:

  • No one has ever heard of this al-Muhajer character, and he does not appear on the U.S. list of known terrorists.
  • The news came from a web site. Anyone can post on a website.
  • Even according to the AP story “The authenticity of the statement could not be independently confirmed,” yet the headline of the article reads as if it were proven fact: “Terror group names al-Zarqawi’s successor.”

And how exactly does a terrorist group appoint a new successor? Was it according to U.N. voting rights guidelines? Should we send the U.N. voting rights observers in to determine if there was any voter fraud? Maybe there should be a recount. (The last comment was courtesy Gauvin…)

All-in-all, this “story” would normally not see the light of day with its lack of sourcing and confirmation in a legitimate news organization. But because it does damage to President Bush, the Drive-by media is happy to throw it out there.

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What Liberal Wackos do when they get together:

Posted by Sal on June 12, 2006

What do liberal wackos do when they get together? The answer can be found at a convention for the Daily Kos entitled “Yearly Kos“. A whopping 1,000 people were in attendance, showing the huge impact the Daily Kos website has on the lives of the 300 million people in this country. During the convention, the attendees discussed such things as how the death of Zarqawi was a Bush administration conspiracy and how Venezuelan President and dictator Hugo Chavez is a good friend to America because of his opposition to President Bush. What is interesting is the number of Democratic leaders and Drive-by media types in attendance at such a small convention. The speaking/guest list included:

  • Democratic party chairman Howard Dean
  • Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner
  • The infamous Joe Wilson
  • Former Presidential candidate and Senator from the People’s Republic, John Kerry
  • Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA
  • Gov. Bill Richardson, D-AZ

If the Democratic so-called “mainstream” is courting this bunch of kooks, who are threatening to start a third party if the Dems don’t move sharply to the left, at least in their rhetoric, then Republicans have a good outlook for the next several election cycles.

Finally, what do left-wing kooks do when they get together? Apparently, they have tin-foil hat contests, as shown below. If these people are the future of the Democratic party, we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Photo courtesy Drudge.

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Heart and Soul of America?

Posted by Mike on June 11, 2006

Americans have decried the lack of standards and decency in Hollywood for many years. Hesitant to impose moral judgments and expressing a desire for freedom of expression, Hollywood has peddled garbage without shame for decades. However it now appears that the Motion Picture Association of Americas found its moral compass by warning parents, through the use of a PG rating, of questionable content contained in the seemingly harmless movie “Facing the Giants.”

Which message may need to kept from children? Christianity of course. We shouldn’t be too tough on Hollywood though. After all, love thy neighbor is a pretty controversial message. Maybe John Kerry was on to something when he called Hollywood the “heart and soul” of America.

Click here for the 411 on “Facing the Giants”

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Jesus Christ…

Posted by Ryan on June 11, 2006

…would surely let His people watch soccer–especially the World Cup!

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Beer Personality Quiz

Posted by Mike on June 11, 2006

What is your beer personality? Click here to find out.

Those of you who know me will be shocked to learn that I’m a Guinness.

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That’s Really Something…If It’s True

Posted by Mike on June 11, 2006

I’m invoking one of Rush Limbaugh’s rules about the media. If a media report sounds like something made up to fit a liberal agenda, your first reaction should be: “Wow! That’s really something. If it’s true.” Sensing good news in Iraq, the media found an unnamed source to claim that American troops beat Zarqawi before he assumed room temperature. That’s really something, if it’s true.

It’s so amazing that if the story is true, I owe each of those soldiers a beer of their choice. However, I doubt the accuracy of the report.

Link via Drudge

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But Why Don’t They Figure This in Washington?

Posted by Ryan on June 10, 2006

File this one under “no ****.” As Washington is again demonstrating its disconnect from Main Street, a Rasmussen poll finds that 85% of Americans surveyed support English as the official language of the USA.

The benefits would be numerous if English was made our official language. Here a just a few:

  • all ballots would be printed in one language, saving millions of dollars nationwide.
  • all government documents would only be printed in one language, saving more millions of dollars nationwide.
  • ESL classes for adults and children would increase substantially, spurring economic stimulation in that sector.
  • Immigrants would feel a closer connection to America if they had to work to achieve a goal of learning the language, which also opens up all the opportunities America has to offer.
  • The assimiliation process would be faster; and as we sometimes see in Europe, assimilitation is crucial for national security nowadays.

Yet, somehow the government misses all of this, blinded most assuredly by the eminence of the Politically Correct gods.

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Bolton Out of the U.S.

Posted by Mike on June 9, 2006

Ryan posted on U.N. sissy Mark Malloch Brown’s insulting comments about middle America a few days ago. Well, no idiotic act goes unpunished. At least that’s John Bolton’s attitude. Bolton’s threat to withhold funding to the little schmucks is sure to leave a mark:

Congress has the power of the purse and they feel quite strongly on a bipartisan basis that America has a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent, even people from Middle America.

Ultimately the U.N. cannot operate without the United States. Sure, the ostriches on the east side love undermining America by appeasing dictators and taking oil for food money, but they’d never leave all New York has to offer. What are they going to do, forget about Gotham and return to their respective third world hellholes? Middle America doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

Bolton seems to have boxed the weasels into a corner. Do they continue spewing their anti-American gibberish or keep their moronic thoughts to themselves? If remarks like Brown’s continue to be the norm, history may one day remember Brown’s comments and Bolton’s smackdown as the beginning of the end.

Is this what brought tears to your eyes Senator?

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