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Yo Quiero Raul!

Posted by Ryan on July 31, 2006

Fidel, everyone’s favorite dictator, had to undergo surgery for “stress” and temporarily reliquished his powers to Raul, the brother of Fidel. Fidel is getting old. Even his younger brother Raul is 75. Is this a sign that the regime’s end could be near? Raul talks a good totalitarian game, but will he play like Castro.

In my opinion Fidel himself is subject to the biggest and most deserved grudges that the US government has probably ever had aginst one individual this long. He has sucked since 1959. Opening Cuba up to American business again will not happen while he is there. Cuba relaxing its oppressive political policies cannot happen while Fidel is there, either. When have totalitarian communist dictators ever been cool?

I just think that when Raul takes over for good (or his successor) Cuba will start to relax. We’ll bring back the casinos, the tourists, the oil companies, and enjoy that warm Caribbean island once again.

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Romney’s Big Dig

Posted by Ryan on July 31, 2006

I picked this story up on Drudge today, and personally think something’s fishy. Over the weekend, Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts referred to the Big Dig as a “tar baby” that he didn’t want to go near. His meaning of “tar baby” was a sticky mess he didn’t want to go near. Apparently, “tar baby” is also a derogatory term for blacks that was first (and to my knowledge only) used in the mid 19th Century.

I have never heard the phrase before. I teach American History, work is a very ethnically diverse school, grew up in a part of town that used racial remarks all the time about everyone, and never had I heard of “tar baby.” Granted, I have never read Uncle Remus stories about Brier Rabbit, either. Have I been living under a rock, or is this a way to try to undermine a potentially strong Republican candidate for 2008 in the black community before campaign season even gets rolling? Seems like a stretch to me.

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Speaking 1000 Words

Posted by Ryan on July 27, 2006

This picture just says everything about the fighting in the Mideast right now and the broader War on Terror. Instead of Palestine, you could put Hezbollah, or Saddam, or the Taliban, or Bin Ladin. Instead of Israel you could put any of the civilized nations of the world.

Though I have seen this all over the web, I got it from Michelle Malkin’s blog.

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The Freedom Concert

Posted by Ryan on July 27, 2006

Last Friday, Gauvin, our friend Chris, and myself went to the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert, sponsored by the Freedom Alliance. The Freedom Alliance, among other things, raises money for a college fund for the children who lost a parent fighting in the War on Terror. It was founded by American hero and all around good guy, Oliver North, a few years ago.

The Freedom Concert took place at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, to raise money for the Freedom Alliance. Along with the three of us came a wide assortment of conservative-minded people from all over the country who not only support the troops, but support their mission as well. What’s very cool about these kinds of events is that everybody’s on the same page in their belief that not only should we continue to fight the War on Terror, but we should, in fact, win it. Living in NJ, it’s rare that you see a group of 10,000 people in one place who actually like the USA and support the Gold Star families. However, there was one person dressed up like Fidel, but the pictures unfortunately didn’t come out.

Here are a few picts that I took at the show:

The first picture is of the people at the concert, where Sara Evans and Hank Williams Jr. hokeyed the place up for three hours before the fireworks: (I actually heard an authentic “Hee-Haw” by a real person with a Southern accent at a country show… zen…)

The second picture is of the “Great One” Mark Levin, and Tom “The Hammer” Delay having a chat with the crowd while Sean did his show live from the tent: (notice what Mark’s hat says!)

This third picture is of Annie C. Yes, she was this close to me! She even complimented my Club Gitmo gear and had a short conversation with Gauvin about his quoting her in a Law School paper. Very cool. Plus, just for the record, she does NOT look sickly skinny in person. (Those of you in 77 WABC-Land, just behind the pole and in front of the “BC” in WABC is “Flipper“)

A good time was had by all. Standing in a sea of waving flags, hearing Tom Delay, Curtis Sliwa, David Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Oliver North, Susan Lucci (!?!), and of course, the lovely and gracious Annie C., speaking about true patriotism and winning the war was inspiring and fun.

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Two Worlds Apart

Posted by Ryan on July 24, 2006

Hezbollah’s “parliamentary mouthpiece” has rejected Condi’s plan for a cessasion of violence in the Mideast.
Condi wants two things:

  1. Return the captives and let the Lebonese Army in with peacekeepers
  2. Get Hezbollah’s militia at least 30 kilometers from the Israeli border

The terrorists want:

  1. ceasefire first
  2. then they’ll leave their troops and obstruct further

In my opinion, anyone who wants to solve this problem on the Israel-Lebanon border has to agree with Condi on this one. I’d go further– disarm Hezbollah or root them out until their all dead. I agree with Rush’s take on Thomas Sowell’s article here… victory, THEN peace.

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Buckley Beats On Bush

Posted by Ryan on July 23, 2006

William F. Buckley, Jr., considered the father of modern conservatism by many, just gave an interview (…wait for it…) to CBS. Of course, they focused primarily on Buckley’s view of Bush and Iraq, since Buckley thinks Bush’s legacy on Iraq is fuzzy.

My point is this: just like most Libs, the “paleocons” don’t get it. We are living in a post-9/11 world that is unfamiliar to EVERYONE! Just like those early years of the Cold War where we weren’t entirely sure what to think of the rising Soviet scourge, how to fight them, or what “proxy war” would come to mean in the mid-20th Century. Yet, the Pat Buchanan‘s and the Libs of the world are on the same page here in their hidebound view that America can retreat inward and go back to “normal” as this Post Cold War World Order gives birth painfully around us: a globalized, connected world that must confront radical Islam in a true clash of civilizations.

Buckley reeks of this backward-looking position in the CBS interview. Limited government: cool. Conservative mores and principles guiding us: fine. Isolationism: this ain’t the 1930s, and we saw how that decade turned out when America turned away from world affairs. I think Buckley’s right in criticizing Bush’s non-security domestic agenda, but he sounds like a antiquated relic on international affairs.

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I’m Not UNhappy

Posted by Ryan on July 22, 2006

Linc Chafee is now trailing Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse in the latest Rasmussen poll by roughly 5 points. Unfortunately, Laffey trails by a considerably large margin in the People’s Republic when running against Whitehouse. So it looks like RI is probably going to be a Democrat pick-up this November. That’s the bad news. The good news is that a RINO will lose, unless Laffey picks it up and beats him in the primaries. Then, well… we’ll see. A RINO will definitely NOT lose in that case.

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The Big Dig

Posted by Sal on July 21, 2006

By way of Mrs. Sal:

The bill’s a textbook example of special interest pork barrel politics at
work, and I have no choice but to veto it.

— President Ronald Reagan, on the original funding for the Big Dig.

And now we see what happens when Liberals get their way.

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Who’s a Neanderthal?

Posted by Ryan on July 20, 2006

Scientists are going to spend two years trying to decode the DNA of homo sapiens neanderthalenis, a close relative of ours. But, we already know a number of things about Neanderthals— they were mostly from France and they went extinct!

True as that may be, they also had a bigger brain than ours, had rudimentary language and a tribal social structure. In a fist fight they could break our backs very easily, but we were taller, faster, and could hum a spear at them from further away– where was their missile defense shield, huh? Given the proximity of sapiens and neanderthal man in parts of France, it’s probable that we even intermarried… there’s that France thing again, but their is evidence that the recessive genes only came out in the generation of De Villepin and Chirac!

I think its neat. We may not learn anything about us in these studies, but I’ve always been interested in the different ways nature thought it was necessary to make a human, being that we were the only ones that have survived. Also, why us? Any theological issues here? We weren’t the strongest, or had been around the longest, but we made it through ice ages, extinction level events in nature, and the Great Society. There has to be something to that!

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Go Ahead…Make My Veto!

Posted by Ryan on July 19, 2006

Bush vetoed his first bill today, establishing a record few future Presidents are ever apt to achieve– going roughly 5 1/2 years into one’s administration without vetoing a single bill. Of course, he should have vetoed many crazy spending bills put before him, but he is ideologically and philosophically constrained to all that “new tone” nonsense that has done nothing but harm his presidency. At least he is aware of the “veto” concept now.

The bill is about the government funding the harvesting embryos for their stem cells to appease some well-placed adherents to bunk science. It’s pretty sick, especially given that adult stem cells have actually shown much more promise compared to embryonic stem cells. Maybe in 20 years we might find something that embryonic stem cells actually do. How long will the media and their demagogues continue to deceive people on this issue?
Here are some things I think about on this issue:

  • The private sector is by no means banned from doing its own research and development on embryonic stem cells, so what’s the big deal?
  • Follow the money and find that adult stem cell research is getting most of the funding. Is this just a chance for scientists to grub money from the feds to support their niche-job when the market denies them that opportunity?
  • If embryonic stem cell research is so promising, offering so many benefits, then why do scientists have to beg for funding in the first place?
  • What about morality? These embryos were created, should they just be tossed out if not used? Is that really the only choice? What about “Snowflake Adoption” as an alternative?

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Should He Go Without an Apology?

Posted by Ryan on July 18, 2006

Bush is slated to meet with the NAA”L”CP at their upcoming meeting. Some people may have forgotten the NAALCP’s position on James Byrd, back in the 2000 Election campaign, for which they have never apologized. Bush boycotted the organization (an organization, I believe, that should lose its tax-exempt status because of its overt partisanship) because of this. So, he’s going to tout his achievements just when the media’s ready to show its “Katrina: One Year Later” pieces to smear Bush further as a racist.

Remember this?

It was unfortunate occasion of the Bush-bashing funeral service of Coretta Scott King.

The NAALCP is not going to be any better for Bush. He goes at his own risk. The press will run with the anti-Bush sentiment in the crowd as further evidence that Republicans are racist, especially Bush, just in time for election season.

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The Next World War

Posted by Sal on July 17, 2006

We are in the midst of the next World War. Newt calls it WWIII, Norman Podhoretz calls it WWIV (the Cold War being WWIII). Regardless of what you call it, it began in 1979 with the Iyatolla’s taking over of Iran and the hostages, escalated with Al Qaida in the 90s, and went to a new level with 9/11. What we’ve been seeing the past few weeks is an escalation of the war in a way unprecedented until now. Some highlights:

  • Iran and Syria are making a play for the destruction of Israel and the wiping out of Iraq’s fledgling democracy through funding of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaida in Iraq.
  • The moderate Arab states such as Egypt and Jordan are noticeable silent on Israel’s attack on Lebanon (as opposed to previous conflicts, when they outright condemned Israel).
  • Israel and Hezbollah are engaged in full-scale conflict.
  • Iran is thumbing its nose at the world and working to develop a nuclear weapon, with China and Russia giving silent support to the effort.
  • North Korea is threatening the U.S. and Japan with the development of Long-range missiles, and thumbing its nose at the U.N. Security Council’s resolution.

Stay tuned.

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Digging a Deep Hole

Posted by Ryan on July 16, 2006

The Big Dig. The epitome of Bay State inadequacy, largess, and taxpayer fleecing. The saga continues. How long did it take to complete? How many billions of dollars did the cost run over its original estimates? How many fatcats got fatter as a result? How many more people have to die because of this ineptness? It’s insulting and frightening.

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The World Doesn’t Get It

Posted by Ryan on July 14, 2006

That’s kind of a bold statement, but the evidence piles up every day that passes in this latest Mideast Crisis.

Newt Gingrich on “Hannity and Colmes” last night made a great point, as he usually does. He said that the world needs to wake up from the notion that a “balanced” response is one where one groups kills three people, then your group gets to kill three of your enemies. Therefore, Israel’s actions in Lebanon are over the top. Newt challenges this notion because it does not solve any problems. Hezbollah would still have a safe haven in Southern Lebanon, they’d still be trying to blackmail the Israelis, and the violence would continue indefinitely. Israel is trying to solve a problem related to the greater War on Terror. I think we should let them try.

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Valerie is Now “Sue”

Posted by Ryan on July 13, 2006

Valerie Wilson/Plame (or whatever name can better keep her in the headlines) has decided that she is going to sue the Veep, etc. That’s one guaranteed way to help Republicans in the Fall for the following reason. The purpose of her nonsense lawsuit is essentially to just smear Republicans during the coming campaign season. Yet, the story is going to get more press and with any chance of “Fitzmas” all but over, it is she and her husband that will look bad. If Joe looks bad, all the Dems who blindly followed his “Yellow Cake” dreams are also at risk of the truth being known by more and more people.

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Bolton’s First Veto

Posted by Ryan on July 13, 2006

It may sound funny, but firebrand UN watchdog, US Ambassador John Bolton has finally cast a veto on a UN Security Council resolution after a year at the UN! It deals with international condemnation of the Israeli incursion in to Gaza to fetch their kidnapped soldier. GB abstained with three other nations, but it was 10-1 otherwise. Bolton said the language was outmoded and untimely, simply asking (kindly of course, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone) the Palestinians to let the guy go and for Israel to leave Gaza.

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Loser’s Complex?

Posted by Ryan on July 12, 2006

My favorite ex-totalitarian communist dictator, Gorby, is at it again. This time he’s accusing America of having a hubristic “winner’s complex” after the Cold War ended, which continues as the USA oversees the world as its only superpower. Apparently, according to Gorby, this “disease” is more dangerous than AIDS! Of course, I only ask this next question for sincere intellectual clarity… Hey Mr. Gorbachev, is it more dangerous than that stuff on your head?

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Israel Attacks

Posted by Ryan on July 12, 2006

I support Israel in their get-tough approach to her terrorist-supporting neighbors infultrating and violating her sovereignty. If Hezbollah is hiding in Lebanon trying to bait the Israelis into an unfair prisoner swap, then I don’t blame Israel for sending in the tanks to remind Lebanon’s leaders that they cannot support terrorist blackmail. Also, if Syria’s government wants to stonewall on this issue too, then Syrian government officials should not be sleeping too far from a bunker over the next few weeks as this crisis escalates.

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Terrorist Attack in India

Posted by Mike on July 11, 2006

Islamic terrorists attacked India today by exploding a series of bombs on the public transportation system, murdering over 160 people in the process. President Bush condemned this attack and reiterated the need to present a united front against terrorism.

It is a shame that the world was once again reminded of the enemy we face. Unfortunately, some people need to be reminded of the stakes involved before leaking details of classified programs designed to combat this kind of savagery. It also needs to be remembered before certain liberals slander our troops who try to move heaven and earth to protect civilization. The defeat of this enemy is more important than any political party scoring points.

Today our prayers are with the victims in India.

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An Economics Lesson…Again

Posted by Ryan on July 11, 2006

Every 20 years or so, our liberal friends have to relearn the same lesson: cutting taxes actually increases revenue to the federal government. Bush schooled them again today.

However, the deficit still exists– we are fighting a war on three fronts (Afghanistan, Iraq, and through clandestine and more direct intelligence gathering/sharing worldwide), dealing with inflationary pressure due to the price of oil, recovering from a dozen hurricanes including Katrina’s aftermath which left an unprecedented swath of destruction over an area the size of Great Britain, dealing with a Congress who loves to spend, and funding entitlements that we cannot sustain. And still the deficit is down over $120 billion under White House projections, meaning that the deficit is only 2.3% of GDP– how many of us can claim we’re only 2.3% in debt versus what we earn, produce and provide?

JFK did it in the 1960s, Ronald the Great in the 1980s, and now Dubya in the 2000s. Each time taxes were meaningfully cut the economy was stimulated leading to a boom each time. Trust the American people to use their money wisely and they will, with great results. Why can’t our liberal friends accept this lesson, having occurred three times during many of their own lives? Why is the answer always raise taxes to shore up budget gaps? It’s never cut spending, it’s always raise taxes (take New Jersey for example). I learned this simple tax cut, supply-side principle in Macroeconomics 202 with Dr. Khalil back in college. It’s not that difficult unless, of course, your econ classes came with Kool-Aid.

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I Bet They Still Nominate Her

Posted by Ryan on July 10, 2006

Every poll under the sun has generally unfavorable ratings of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named for a host of reasons. You love her… or you loathe her. Yet, even in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts Arizona Senator John McCain beats her (be it within the margin of error)! Of course, I’m not a big McCain fan either, but She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is a political train wreck in slow motion that I can’t wait to see play out!

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Run For the Hills!

Posted by Ryan on July 9, 2006

This is what a journalistic coward might sound like: reactionary, shallow, scared, confused but obvoiusly not adequately informed either, not offering solutions only heightening fear, blames the democratic process for “failing”, etc.

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ITALY–World Cup Champs!

Posted by Ryan on July 9, 2006

The 2006 FIFA World Cup Championship has just finished with Italy defeating France 5-3 in the penalty kick phase of overtime. They battled to a 1-1 tie in regulation, played two overtimes, and ultimately ended up with an Italian victory at the end. Great game all around– good soccer, some drama, decent refs, play until the penultimate kick phase after 120 minutes of field action. Neither team should have been ashamed to lose this game given the action and circumstances.

Firstly, a disclaimer: I’m not a huge soccer fan, as I was rooting for Brazil if the USA fell through. When they were both eliminated I was “meh” on the rest of the tourney. But, this World Cup action had been pretty exciting for soccer and I had to see it through. The way American’s play soccer is boring, cumbersome, and slow, but some teams around the world really do entertain!

That being said:

  • My heart was mixed on this one. I figured that the French would win, since their team has played solidly and have beaten generally tougher teams than Italy has in the World Cup. Yet, something creeped in… rooting for France? I didn’t like it, even though they’d probably win and do deserve respect on the World Cup stage for their talent.
  • So when the French scored first early, it was expected. Then, in the 19th minute, Italy scored. While terribly fatigued about half-way though the second half, Italy persevered… but I still figured they’d lose to the better team, being that France was still attacking frequently while Italy was holding back.
  • Then in OT, Zidane, the famed French mid-fielder, headed an Italian player in the chest, drawing a Red Card. I now had my out. That and the French coach, Raymond Domenech, has a distinct anti-Scorpio bias. Now personally being a Scorpio, I was steamed that someone practicing anti-zodiac “astrologism” might hold up the World Cup trophy. Karma.
  • Angered at Zidane, who until that point played a great final game of his career, and feeling alienated about the astrological smackdown the French coach practices, I was glad to see Italy pull it off. The team that beat the USA in the early rounds, beat the French in the Finals.
  • Rome’s not going to bed tonight!

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Less than Average Joe (Biden)

Posted by Mike on July 6, 2006

During a recent campaign stop, the least intelligent United States Senator (diagnosed as such by Mark Levin) and probable 2008 Presidential candidate Joe Biden displayed his political prowess and trademark ignorance by insulting immigrants from India. While pandering for Indian support, Biden cited 7-11 and Dunkin’ Donuts as Indian contributions to American society. That ain’t bad Joe. Click here for the YouTube video.

Some of my intelligent liberal friends (yes it’s possible, not likely, but possible) actually salivate at the thought of a Biden candidacy. Expect similar reactions from Republicans if Biden’s diarrhea of the mouth goes untreated. In Biden’s defense, at least he gave up plagiarism.

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Big Brother 7 Starts Tonight!

Posted by Ryan on July 6, 2006

The obsessively addicting reality show “Big Brother” starts its seventh season tonight @ 8pm on CBS with Big Brother All-Stars. Perhaps not as racy or raunchy as its Australian version, which has recently stirred up some controversy, this show brings back many of the old season’s favorites, including Janelle (see below). Beautiful, smart, sassy– the whole package (even if they’re not real).

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Voter ID is For Me!

Posted by Ryan on July 6, 2006

A recent Rasmussen poll has 77% of people agreeing with the notion that a photo ID should be used in order to cast a ballot at a polling station. Sixty-eight percent also said that the ballots should be in English only. Funny, though, the Democrats and self-identified liberals are less likely to support the voter ID concept. Hmm… What’s neat is that the poll also goes into whether or not one thinks our voting system is fair. Of course, the Democrats generally do not think so. Apparently, they need to learn that just because they can’t GET votes, doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the system.

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Happy Birthday!

Posted by Ryan on July 6, 2006

Our President, George W. Bush, turns 60 today. We at the Axis of Right extend our deepest regards to our 43rd President. He is perhaps the healthiest President we have ever had, as the article fleshes out those details. It also shows to our Moonbat friends that, in fact, Dubya is a human, probably born from Earth-parents in the 1940s (so he couldn’t be Hitler himself), and actually in pretty great shape for a sixty-something.

His birth year, 1946, marks the beginning of the “Baby Boom” which continued until 1964, when a huge drop in birth rates created that generational marker, as my generation, Generation X, trickled in quitely. This, of course, will have huge implications for the job market, social security, and retirement in general.

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Independence Day Headlines

Posted by Sal on July 4, 2006

On what is usually a slow news day, there are quite a few headlines today that could be far-reaching in their impact on world events. Here’s a sampling:

  • North Korea launches long-range missile: After repeatedly being warned not to, North Korea test-launched several missiles today, including the Taepodong II, which has the capability of reaching the west coast of the U.S.. Fortunately, the Taepodong launch failed, exploding on the launch pad. This, however, will have long-range implications. The U.S. cannot tolerate a rogue government with nuclear, long-range missile capability.
  • Space Shuttle Discovery Launches: After several weather delays this weekend, the Space Shuttle Discovery launched, only the second shuttle launch since the Columbia tragedy. Space exploration has always been something I’m in favor of, and I’m glad the space program is moving forward again.
  • Iran has until July 12 to halt Nuclear program: In yet another phony deadline, the key members of the U.N. Security council has given Iran a deadline for halting its Nuclear program before proposing sanctions. That is, until the next deadline set by the council.
  • Comatose Man’s Brain re-wired itself: A man who was barely conscious for about 20 years (often referred erroneously as a persistent vegetative State) is now talking and moving again. It appears his brain, over the course of 20 years, has re-wired itself and rebuild the neuron connectors that were severed in the car accident he was in 20 years ago. His memory from his prior life remained intact, although it appears that he was not aware of the passage of time in between. This should go as a warning to anyone advocating euthanasia for people in so-called persistent vegetative States. New medical advances are showing the human body’s resilience in the event of injury. It may take decades, but the brain can be self-healing.
  • Hamas Rocket attack in Israel a prelude to war: A rocket attack by Hamas in Israel prompted the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to give a warning that Hamas would face far-reaching ramifications.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

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Happy 230th Birthday America!!!

Posted by Ryan on July 4, 2006

Happy Birthday America from the Axis of Right! To paraphrase Ronald the Great, “… to a Republican, everyday is like the Fourth of July…”

Most people feel like this today:
Or maybe:

Our liberal friends probably feel more like this:
Tsk, tsk… Can’t they chill out for one day! Or maybe, in a popular online picture, this sums it up:

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Cindy Sheehan Fasting

Posted by Mike on July 4, 2006

I think this story will be history before the fireworks begin.

Photo via Reuters

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