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Government Shutdown in Jersey? Oh My!

Posted by Ryan on July 1, 2006

Yes, it has happened. Can the people of New Jersey survive these dark days? Most likely, I’m sure. Parks’ll close, casinos will close too, along with some services until the State gets the authority to spend money by passing a budget.

NJ Governor Jon Corzine will not sign a budget from his Democratically controlled legislature because THEY don’t want to raise sales taxes. The Dems in the legislature are frustrated that Corzine doesn’t want to make cuts and trim the budget down from its $4.5 billion deficit. So, as a typical Democrat, he wants to move from 6% to 7% sales tax instead, punishing everyone in the state rather than the narrow interest groups he is trying to protect. Yet, the legislature needs to get elected in the Fall. This’ll be fun to watch!

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