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And I Thought Olmert was a Wimp

Posted by Mike on July 3, 2006

Israel is acting and I am impressed. After the armed wing of Hamas abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, Israel responded with a show of brute force, capturing many leaders of the Hamas government in the process. The Israelis now promise further retaliation if Shalit is harmed.

Israel is nation under the constant threat from its neighbors, many of whom have stated policies against Israel’s right to exist. Two major wars were launched against Israel for that purpose in the past. In recent years, waves of suicide bombers have terrorized the nation. The terrorist Hamas government recently upped the ante by kidnapping a soldier. I think war is an appropriate response to the kidnapping, especially under the circumstances faced by Israel.

A nation which decides to go to war cannot show restraint. A nation that goes to war must be brutal. A nation at war cannot be politically correct. If brutal force seems too harsh, then war is inappropriate. War is usually uncalled for, but it is an appropriate response when an innocent nation is repeatedly threatened with destruction by those who have launched numerous wars and terrorist attacks for that very purpose. Once it is determined that war is the appropriate response, war-like actions must be employed. Hamas miscalculated when the kidnapped Shalit. Kadima gave the terrorists a chance for a peaceful resolution. Hamas asked for war. They got what they asked for.

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The Al Qaeda Times

Posted by Mike on July 3, 2006

Most people are now familiar with the latest treason committed by the New York Slimes. My favorite analysis of the Slimes’ decision to leak details about how the U.S. has frozen terrorist assets abroad comes from National Review’s Rich Lowry. He hit the nail on the head.

American politics underwent a great debate over the appropriateness of clandestine activities in foreign policy when the CIA was created. Contemporary debates over the level of secrecy required is of course appropriate but once the decision is made that secret programs are appropriate, someone must be in charge of deciding which programs may be publicized and which must remain secret in the interest of national security. By deciding which programs should be kept secret and which should be made public, the Treason Times has effectively usurped the role of the executive branch as the arbiter of classifying and declassifying certain programs. Of course, no one elected the Old Grey Whore’s editorial board to make such decisions and no one ever would.

Freezing terrorist assets has been an extremely effective asset in the war on terror, an asset which has saved lives. The Times’ treason leaves American civilians at greater risk of a terrorist attack. If the Times’ act in fact leads to the death of innocent American civilians, and was witnessed by two people, I recommend the maximum penalty provided by the treason statute. That is what the first George W. would have done.

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Et tu, Mexico?

Posted by Ryan on July 3, 2006

It seems that some aspects of America are still spreading abroad. The Leftists down in Mexico will not concede defeat even though numerically they cannot win. The results are even less narrow than Kerry’s loss in Ohio, yet hope remains in their minds that perhaps the democratic process can be fudged in their favor. Senor Calderon doesn’t think so.

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