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Independence Day Headlines

Posted by Sal on July 4, 2006

On what is usually a slow news day, there are quite a few headlines today that could be far-reaching in their impact on world events. Here’s a sampling:

  • North Korea launches long-range missile: After repeatedly being warned not to, North Korea test-launched several missiles today, including the Taepodong II, which has the capability of reaching the west coast of the U.S.. Fortunately, the Taepodong launch failed, exploding on the launch pad. This, however, will have long-range implications. The U.S. cannot tolerate a rogue government with nuclear, long-range missile capability.
  • Space Shuttle Discovery Launches: After several weather delays this weekend, the Space Shuttle Discovery launched, only the second shuttle launch since the Columbia tragedy. Space exploration has always been something I’m in favor of, and I’m glad the space program is moving forward again.
  • Iran has until July 12 to halt Nuclear program: In yet another phony deadline, the key members of the U.N. Security council has given Iran a deadline for halting its Nuclear program before proposing sanctions. That is, until the next deadline set by the council.
  • Comatose Man’s Brain re-wired itself: A man who was barely conscious for about 20 years (often referred erroneously as a persistent vegetative State) is now talking and moving again. It appears his brain, over the course of 20 years, has re-wired itself and rebuild the neuron connectors that were severed in the car accident he was in 20 years ago. His memory from his prior life remained intact, although it appears that he was not aware of the passage of time in between. This should go as a warning to anyone advocating euthanasia for people in so-called persistent vegetative States. New medical advances are showing the human body’s resilience in the event of injury. It may take decades, but the brain can be self-healing.
  • Hamas Rocket attack in Israel a prelude to war: A rocket attack by Hamas in Israel prompted the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to give a warning that Hamas would face far-reaching ramifications.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

One Response to “Independence Day Headlines”

  1. Ryan said

    Hey Salinger, great to have you back! Truth–today was quite a news day. While the Gaza situation is going through its ebbs and flows, the situation with NK is absolutely crazy!

    We need a serious diplomatic b-slap to China for allowing NK to be a potentially deadly nuisance, and to warn Iran that its investment in North Korean missile technology is definitely known to us and not appreciated.

    I even heard analysis on Fox earlier that blamed Bush for the “Axis of Evil” speech four years ago, but totally overlooked the Clinton Adm. and how they essentially gave technology to NK for “peaceful” means 12 years ago, setting us on this trajectory.

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