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Big Brother 7 Starts Tonight!

Posted by Ryan on July 6, 2006

The obsessively addicting reality show “Big Brother” starts its seventh season tonight @ 8pm on CBS with Big Brother All-Stars. Perhaps not as racy or raunchy as its Australian version, which has recently stirred up some controversy, this show brings back many of the old season’s favorites, including Janelle (see below). Beautiful, smart, sassy– the whole package (even if they’re not real).

6 Responses to “Big Brother 7 Starts Tonight!”

  1. Gauvin said

    “buxom and brains are a deadly combination.”

    – Jedi Janie

  2. rightonoz said

    The incident referred to on our Big Brother was a guy holding one a girl down while the other waved his penis right in front of her face. Nothing explicit was shown on the internet show and the scene was not on TV.

    They were rightly thrown off and the girl could have had them charged with sexual assault. It’s whipped up a storm for more cencorship which I an totally against. Nothiing like the European versions where full frontal sexually explicit action goes on.

    We have had a reasonable set of rules down here until recently when we seem to be going towards the US style and wrongly in my view.

    On TV Full frontal nudity has been ok in nature programs in the evening.

    After 8.30pm breasts and bare bums are legal (no pixilated bum cracks at 500M as seen on a recent survivor – that’s takling it too far), after 9.30 sex scenes from main stream movies are allowed and breasts/naked bodies only seen but no full frontal, except on SBS our multicultural channel which does show full frontal European movies after 9.30 but difficult to call it soft porn at most.

    We do not have any porn cable down here – banned by the then PM. Only the ACT allows sale of X rated with the other states making it a criminal offence.

    Most of our states allow prositution with certain rules. No brothels within 500M of a church or school and other rules, plus councils ban them within certain zones. Street prostitution is mostly illegal.

    Personally I can’t stand Big Brother and refuse to watch, which is in my view the right way to handle anything you object to that’s not going to corrupt the nation.

  3. Ryan said

    It is evident that we in America are at the puritanical edge of Western Civilization. Check out the film “Euro Trip” for a perspective on how America views the sexual mores of Europe!
    Nakedness is blurred out and otherwise censored at any time of day unless you’re watching a pay-per-view station or an extended cable movie network that could show all sorts of things. Porn stations abound, and of course, the wild world of high-speed Internet and the deluge of smut that pervades the ether in common.

  4. Gauvin said

    Janelle wins HOH. Janelle wins veto. She’s off to a good start. I hope she finds a way to removes the target from her back.

  5. Ryan said

    She doesn’t need to have ANYTHING on HER back!

  6. […] I love reality television. Although I love all games where people are voted out one by one, Big Brother is my favorite. It’s my guilty pleasure. Earlier this year, Ryan posted on the beginning of Big Brother All-Stars. Although an entertaining show in the U.S., Big Brother usually disappoints with some loser winning it all. With only Mike Boogie and Erika remaining, this year is no exception. […]

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