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Happy Birthday!

Posted by Ryan on July 6, 2006

Our President, George W. Bush, turns 60 today. We at the Axis of Right extend our deepest regards to our 43rd President. He is perhaps the healthiest President we have ever had, as the article fleshes out those details. It also shows to our Moonbat friends that, in fact, Dubya is a human, probably born from Earth-parents in the 1940s (so he couldn’t be Hitler himself), and actually in pretty great shape for a sixty-something.

His birth year, 1946, marks the beginning of the “Baby Boom” which continued until 1964, when a huge drop in birth rates created that generational marker, as my generation, Generation X, trickled in quitely. This, of course, will have huge implications for the job market, social security, and retirement in general.

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