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Less than Average Joe (Biden)

Posted by Mike on July 6, 2006

During a recent campaign stop, the least intelligent United States Senator (diagnosed as such by Mark Levin) and probable 2008 Presidential candidate Joe Biden displayed his political prowess and trademark ignorance by insulting immigrants from India. While pandering for Indian support, Biden cited 7-11 and Dunkin’ Donuts as Indian contributions to American society. That ain’t bad Joe. Click here for the YouTube video.

Some of my intelligent liberal friends (yes it’s possible, not likely, but possible) actually salivate at the thought of a Biden candidacy. Expect similar reactions from Republicans if Biden’s diarrhea of the mouth goes untreated. In Biden’s defense, at least he gave up plagiarism.

One Response to “Less than Average Joe (Biden)”

  1. Ryan said

    Great video– the tape doesn’t lie! “You can’t go to a 7-11…” Wow. No outrage, not crucifixion by the MSM. Yet, if his campaign gets moving, I’m sure this and other videos will proliferate.

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