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Run For the Hills!

Posted by Ryan on July 9, 2006

This is what a journalistic coward might sound like: reactionary, shallow, scared, confused but obvoiusly not adequately informed either, not offering solutions only heightening fear, blames the democratic process for “failing”, etc.

2 Responses to “Run For the Hills!”

  1. rightonoz said

    Hi Ryan,

    Sorry to disagree in part. I actually think he has some (SOME!) valid points amongst the rather vague rambling, though as you say, where are the offered solutions?

    BTW, hope you guys had a good 4th July, Happy birthday America from the worlds greatest (though far from most powerful) democracy (AUSTRALIA)

  2. Ryan said

    Thanks! The 4th was great, as America turned 230 (nice round number). There seems to be a surge of TV shows about our Founding Fathers that are pretty interesting. No longer does our intelligencia hide the fact that these people were actual men, with actual flaws, but that they managed to accomplish extraordinary things that reveberate around the globe to this day!

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