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Terrorist Attack in India

Posted by Mike on July 11, 2006

Islamic terrorists attacked India today by exploding a series of bombs on the public transportation system, murdering over 160 people in the process. President Bush condemned this attack and reiterated the need to present a united front against terrorism.

It is a shame that the world was once again reminded of the enemy we face. Unfortunately, some people need to be reminded of the stakes involved before leaking details of classified programs designed to combat this kind of savagery. It also needs to be remembered before certain liberals slander our troops who try to move heaven and earth to protect civilization. The defeat of this enemy is more important than any political party scoring points.

Today our prayers are with the victims in India.

One Response to “Terrorist Attack in India”

  1. Ryan said

    I completely support India in its endeavors to get to the bottom of this horrible act.

    I have an anecdote from a lib yesterday who, when I told him of this horror, impulsively said that the Indians were “used to this” since Kashmir is such a divisive place. He is an ardent supporter of the Palestinians, always against the Israelis, so I retorted that the Palestinians should stop complaining too, since THEY are “used” to the situation in their lands.

    While not trying to be moral relative on Israel’s need for self-defense, I thought that that was a horrible thing to say about India, so I tried to get under his skin. It worked– on the Pal. issue, not on the fact that a country just suffered the loss of innocent life at the hands of cowardly terrorists.

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