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The Next World War

Posted by Sal on July 17, 2006

We are in the midst of the next World War. Newt calls it WWIII, Norman Podhoretz calls it WWIV (the Cold War being WWIII). Regardless of what you call it, it began in 1979 with the Iyatolla’s taking over of Iran and the hostages, escalated with Al Qaida in the 90s, and went to a new level with 9/11. What we’ve been seeing the past few weeks is an escalation of the war in a way unprecedented until now. Some highlights:

  • Iran and Syria are making a play for the destruction of Israel and the wiping out of Iraq’s fledgling democracy through funding of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaida in Iraq.
  • The moderate Arab states such as Egypt and Jordan are noticeable silent on Israel’s attack on Lebanon (as opposed to previous conflicts, when they outright condemned Israel).
  • Israel and Hezbollah are engaged in full-scale conflict.
  • Iran is thumbing its nose at the world and working to develop a nuclear weapon, with China and Russia giving silent support to the effort.
  • North Korea is threatening the U.S. and Japan with the development of Long-range missiles, and thumbing its nose at the U.N. Security Council’s resolution.

Stay tuned.

One Response to “The Next World War”

  1. Ryan said

    To me a very significant issue throughout the War on Terror has thus far been the notably deafening silence of the Moderate Muslims.
    –If there are so many of them (as we are constantly told by the MSM), then where are they?
    –Where’s the Muslim Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, Jr.?
    –Where is the prominent and proud Muslim leader that rather looks into Islam to identify the potential problems within, rather than continuously scapegoat their problems onto Israel?

    Just a thought.

    I believe that if we are to use the “World War” moniker for the War on Terror, then WWIV is more accurate. WWIII was always a euphamism for a nuclear war between the Soviets and US where we’re all dead in a flash of light and fire. The world was involved in a titanic struggle just as important as the battle against fascism in Italy, German and Japan. Instead of direct contact, we had proxy wars (a lot like Hezbollah and Israel being a proxy for the Islamo-fascists and civilization: read Iran and the West).

    This is a new war, that had been brewing for years before 9/11 and is now a worldwide, titanic struggle to defeat the ideology of death in the face of civilization’s advance through globalization.

    I have always believed that they are connected– the Islamo-fascists want us out of their land so they can revive a 7th century feudalistic way of life. Civilization (in whatever incarnation a modern, democratic nation sees fit to articulate it) threatens them deeper than any Jew, any American, or any Christian by itself.

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